Corner electric fireplace media console

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Why combine a media console with an electric fireplace? Well, for one thing it saves space. Mind you, you could place your TV on just about any stand-alone electric fireplace. The only difference between the regular ones and the ones that are called TV stands, is that the latter usually have a shelf that is perfect for placing a DVD player or cable box, and that shelf often has an opening at the back which is handy for wires to pass through.
Corner electric fireplace media console:
corner electric fireplace media console
Corner electric fireplace media console pictured: Brown Media Fireplace TV Stand Combo Space Saver – 400 Square Feet Electric Space Heater – Entertainment Center for Televisions up to 45 Inches – Has a Removable Corner Shelf and Is Customizable – Great Piece of Space Saving Furniture for the Living Room or Bedroom
by Sumner Corner

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Corner linen storage cabinet

Depending on the layout of a room, sometimes a piece of furniture designed especially to fit in a corner is the best way to use the space. When it comes to corner cabinets, whether they actually give you more storage space than a regular model depends on the size and height of the cabinet itself. Remember that having cornered shelves may actually make placing certain items a bit awkward, so this should influence your decision when you choose your linen cabinet.
Corner linen storage cabinet:
Corner linen storage cabinet
Corner linen storage cabinets pictured:
Left: Ellsworth Tall Corner Etagere – White by RiverRidge
Middle: Winslow Corner Linen Storage Cabinet by Home Decorators Collection
Right: RiverRidge Home Ellsworth Corner Etagere, Tall, Espresso

Corner component stand

One of the areas of a room that tends to be ignored are the corners due to their awkward angles when trying to fit most things into them flush. This causes a lot of empty space that could otherwise be used. Apart from filling up this space with large plants, you could also use those spaces for small entertainment units. Corner component stands utilize the empty space nicely by providing an angle fitting unit that can house your flat screen TV and cable or gaming boxes.
Corner component stand:
Corner component stand
Corner component stand pictured: Walker Edison Bermuda 44-Inch Corner TV Stand, clear black

Stainless steel corner shower caddy

When you’re in the shower, it’s important to have all that you need within close proximity. Shampoo, body wash, soap, conditioner, shaving cream, razor and whatever else you use can fit nicely in a variety of specifically designed shower caddies. Most shower caddies are easy to install and use suction to stay firmly attached to the shower wall. Consider buying stainless steel shower caddies as they should not rust or collect mold and stay looking good with just a minor cleaning after each shower.
Stainless steel corner shower caddy:
Stainless steel corner shower caddy
Stainless steel corner shower caddy pictured: InterDesign Power Lock Reo Corner Basket, Stainless Steel

Corner hampers

If you’re looking for a practical alternative to bulky square or round laundry hampers, consider saving some much needed floor space by simply using corner hampers to keep your dirty clothes, or your kids’ dirty clothes in one spot and off the floor. Corner hampers don’t take up much space and while they are great for laundry purposes, they can also be used to store toys, stuffed animals and other cluttering items.
Corner hampers:

Corner hampers pictured:
left: One Step Ahead 2-in-1 Toy Storage Bin Natural with Green Trim
right: Collapsible Bamboo Laundry Hamper W/cotton Liner. Triangle Shape by Ginson

A square hamper will also fit neatly into a corner.