Supergirl Halloween Costume

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If you think that superheroes are primarily a male dominated arena, then think again. For the most part, each male superhero has a female counterpart who is just as strong, just as fast, just as smart and just as green (in the case of She-Hulk). A great female superhero costume to don at Halloween is a Supergirl costume.
Supergirl Halloween Costume:

Supergirl Halloween Costume pictured: DC Comics Tank Dress with Detachable Cape

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Geisha Halloween Costume

Geisha Halloween costumes are available in many beautiful styles and colors. Some have floral prints, some have butterfly or dragon prints. Some perfect accessories to go with the costumes are paper fans, paper umbrellas, which are also beautiful, and of course white face paint and Geisha wigs with bows and sticks.
Geisha Halloween Costumes:

Geisha Halloween Costumes pictured:
Left: Rubie’s Costume Co Madame Butterfly Japanese Kimono Plus Size Costume
Right: Red Kimono Costume – Plus size Adult Costume

Butterfly Halloween Costume – Kids

Little kids love to play dress-up, especially at Halloween. Little girls enjoy dressing up even more than boys, so why not take your daughter Halloween costume shopping, and buy her that butterfly costume she has been nagging you about. Oh, she will look so adorable. There are some really fantastical butterfly costumes in the stores these days. No need to pay a lot, you can even get the butterfly wings separately and make your own.
Butterfly Halloween Costume Kids picture-1
Butterfly Halloween Costume for Kids pictured: Lil Princess Girls Hotpink and Purple 4 Pc Flower Fairy Princess Costume. Includes Flower Halo, Tutu, Wand and Wings

Sleeping Beauty Halloween Costume

If your little princess wants to dress up as, well, a little princess, there’s no better Halloween costume than something from Sleeping Beauty. Your little girl can feel extra special dressed up as Princess Aurora in a bright pink and gold outfit. Or, on the flip side, there is always the wicked Maleficent character that your daughter may get a kick out of wearing. And, if your son is willing, there’s a Prince Charming costume that will complement the whole Sleeping Beauty theme. A winning combination.
Sleeping Beauty Halloween Costume picture-1Sleeping Beauty Halloween Costume picture-3
Sleeping Beauty Halloween Costumes:
Left: Rubie’s Costume Co Sleeping Beauty Costume
Right: Enchanting Princess Child Halloween Costume

Thor Halloween Costume

There are some Halloween costumes that look great with whatever you have in the home. A white sheet here, a goalie mask there and voila, instant ghost and Jason from Friday the 13th. But if you really want to have your kids impress their friends and your neighbors, then a costume from a recent Hollywood blockbuster should do the trick. That being said, a Thor, God of Thunder Halloween costume would be an awesome costume for any young boy who has an affinity towards costumed superheroes. Thunder and lighting not included.
Thor Halloween Costume:

Thor Halloween Costume pictured: Disguise Avengers Thor Classic Costume