Cottage dining chairs

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When picking chairs for the cottage, wood is definitely the material to go with. Even better, consider painted wooden chairs, for that real country look. Personally, I find that lighter colors work best in this setting, so I tend to go for white, light blue or light green. These are things to consider when picking out cottage dining chairs.
Cottage dining chairs image
Cottage dining chairs pictured:
Tiffany Dining Chair, Set of 2, White/Natural sold by Wayfair.

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Beach cottage baby bedding

One of the fun decisions new parents get to make is how to decorate baby’s room. One option to consider is beach cottage baby bedding. They may feature printed patterns that like fish, seashells and starfish, or a more subtle and simple combination of pastel colors. Either way, if you are looking to decorate your baby’s room at the cottage, there are plenty of beautiful bedding options out there.
beach cottage baby bedding -1
Beach cottage baby bedding pictured: My Baby Sam Barefoot Dreamin 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set, Blue/Brown

Beach cottage crib bedding

Decorating a nursery for an upcoming birth can be a tad stressful. One thing that should not be an issue is what kind of bedding your new-born will be comfortable sleeping on. Beach cottage crib bedding will have your child sleeping like…well…a baby in smooth 100-percent cotton bedding. The design is also soothing and fun. Definitely a wonderful way to start a life.
Beach cottage crib bedding:

Beach cottage crib bedding pictured: Trend Lab 3 Piece Crib Bedding Set – Surf’s Up