Cotton spandex underwear

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For many people, the only criterion for picking underwear is price. The lower the better. Perhaps the idea is that since they can’t be seen, one shouldn’t pay much for them. But the reason to buy a certain pair of briefs or panties should;d really be comfort. Many feel that cotton mixed with a bit of Spandex (usually 5% to 10%) is the perfect combination of fabrics, providing comfort and a bit of support, without ever feeling too tight.
Cotton spandex underwear:
Cotton spandex underwear
Cotton spandex underwear pictured:
Left: Bali Women’s Stretch Brief Panty, soft taupe
Right: Jockey Men’s Underwear Fashion Stretch Low-Rise Trunk – 2 Pack

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Red cotton dresses for women

Whether you’re looking to impress a first date or you’re going out on the town with your hubby to celebrate your tenth year anniversary, toss that little black dress aside and slip into a sexy red cotton dress. Such a dress will provide an instant WOW factor when you walk into any room and if you still want to wear black, then a simple black hand held clutch and high heels should suffice nicely.
Red cotton dresses for women:
Red cotton dresses for women
Red cotton dresses for women pictured:
Left: My Michelle Juniors Keyhole Lace Dress
Middle: BB Dakota Women’s Anisa Dress, Clementine, 2
Right: Aventura Womens Verona Dress, cardinal

Cotton onesies for adults

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Whether for yourself or for the whole family, wearing cotton onesies is definitely a comfortable way to spend an evening, or even a full day, doing the stuff you love to do. And while they may not replace your favorite pajama set for sleeping in, a onesie can be worn throughout the night when the temperature begins to dip. In fact, you may want two pairs of onesies: a cotton pair for warmer weather and a fleece pair for when the chilly air takes over.
Cotton onesies for adults:
Cotton onesies for adults
Cotton onesies for adults pictured:
1- Footed Pajamas Baby Blue Adult Cotton
2- Footed Pajamas Baby Blue Adult Cotton, yellow
3- Footed Pajamas Ferrari Red Adult Cotton
4- Footed Pajamas Baby Pink Adult Cotton – Double XL/Wide

We tend to think of onesies as something babies wear, but these are available in kid and adult sizes as well.

Mens cotton blazer

Having one or more cotton blazers hanging in your closet at the ready for when you need to upscale your casual wardrobe is great for those impromptu dinners with a client or a night on the town with a new girlfriend. That being said, make sure that you clean your blazers every now and then whether they look like they need it or not. And if you are unsure of how to do this, simply follow the instructions on the care label or take them to your local dry cleaner.
Mens cotton blazers:

Mens cotton blazers pictured:
left: Armani Exchange Mens Cotton Pinstripe Blazer, midnight
middle: Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Stripe Blazer, blue stripe
right: Armani Exchange Mens Cotton Dress Blazer, khaki

Womens cotton nightgowns

When you think about cotton nightgowns, you might have visions of your grandma getting ready for bed. However, there are a wide variety of lengths, color, styles, cute prints and flair that make a cotton nightgown a comfortable and fun choice that doesn’t resemble your grandma’s nightgown in the least. Great for relaxing on the couch before bed time or when there’s a fall chill in the air.
Womens cotton nightgowns:

Womens cotton nightgowns pictured:
Left: Carole Hochman Women’s Short Nightgown, Freshwater blue
Middle: Dreams & Co Women’s Plus Size Sleepwear Gown In Cotton Knit By Dreams &Amp; Co, Lavender Heart
Right: Alexander Del Rossa Guinevere – Victorian White Cotton Long Nightgown, White Small (A0520WHTSM)