Organic cotton throw blanket

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A lot of companies are labeling products as organic or ecological these days, but what exactly do these terms stand for? In the case of cotton, it means the fabric should have been grown without chemicals. Make sure this is the case before you purchase an organic throw or any other item labelled as being made from organic cotton.
Organic cotton throw blanket:
Organic cotton throw blanket
Organic cotton throw blanket pictured: Gaiam 100% Organic Cotton Eco Throw Blanket.

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Cotton Throw Blanket

If you need a bit of extra warmth in bed, you cannot go wrong with a cotton throw blanket. These blankets are so versatile, soft to the touch, and you can use them pretty much anywhere, any time. These blankets keep you warm on a cool autumn night. They are stylish and affordable.
Cotton Throw Blanket:

Cotton Throw Blanket pictured: Gaiam 100% Organic Cotton Eco Throw Blanket, sold by Gaiam.

Organic Cotton Blankets

These days, everybody talks about natural products, going green, environmentally safe. Organic cotton blankets fit right in with those ideas. Made with natural fibers and safer for our bodies and skin. Great gifts to give to those friends who are concerned with the planet. Available in several colors and sizes.
Organic Cotton Blankets:

Organic Cotton Blankets example. Pictured: Organic Cotton Blanket by Organic Cotton. Size: full/queen