Double shower curtain rod

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Whether for decorative purposes or a more practical application, a double shower curtain rod can be used to separate a shower curtain from a liner, which can create a nice layered look that can add to the aesthetic and visual concept of your bathroom. And if you’re not interested in having both a liner and a shower curtain, the double rod can also be used to hang towels, adding a makeshift towel bar for your convenience.
Double shower curtain rod:

Double shower curtain rod pictured: Zenith 43-Inch to 72-Inch Adjustable Double Rod, in brushed nickel and chrome.

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Double tension curtain rod

A great way to use a double tension curtain rod is in the bathroom. Setup and install the curtain rod as both your shower curtain holder and towel rack. With the double rod configuration, there’s less chance of both towel and shower curtain resting on each other and possibly causing mold and/or mildew. You could also use the second rod as a clothes-line to dry your hand-washed items.
Double tension curtain rod:

Double tension curtain rod pictured: Polder Duo Shower Curtain Rod, White

Zebra shower curtain and rugs

If you are looking for a zebra shower curtain and rug set to add a bit of snap to your bathroom decor, consider going beyond the usual black and white colored design for a more colorful sense of style. A zebra pattern can be found in many colors, from purple and gold to brown and yellow, to name but a few. And the zebra design can either take over the entire shower curtain and rug, or be placed at the top, middle or bottom of the curtain complementing the overall solid color theme.
Zebra shower curtain and rugs:


Modern curtain rods

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When creating a more contemporary look to any room in your house you will need to consider adding modern curtain rods to your decorative accents. But, it doesn’t just end there. You will also want to add finials to your curtain rods, which are the decorative end pieces that complete the curtain rod design. These will also have to fit with the brackets that will hold the rod. Grommet rings are can also help a modern, pleated look to your curtains and/or drapes.
Modern curtain rods:

Modern curtain rods pictured: Umbra Cappa Double Drapery Rod, in nickel

Curtain steamer

You may be surprised to see how much dirt and dust your curtains pick up, which is why they should be cleaned regularly. A curtain steamer comes in very handy and can be cheaper in the long run than taking them to the dry cleaners every time. Just make sure to check the manufacturer’s label to ensure that a steamer won’t harm your curtains as there are some commercial steamers that will burn or singe certain fabrics. Usually, if your curtains can be washed in a conventional washing machine, then they can be steamed.
Curtain steamer:

Curtain steamer pictured: Conair GS29 Instant Heat Ionic Professional Garment Steamer