Dark purple curtains

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Looking to add a bold, dramatic feel to your bedroom or living room? Dark purple curtains can provide such a look and can fit any modern, regal or traditional decor. Keep in mind though that you don’t want to overpower a room with dark curtains. Offset the purple drapes with cream colored walls and a carpet of grey or brown tones, while complementing the decor with gold framed paintings, lamps and vases. You’ll definitely have a room fit for a King or Queen.
Dark purple curtains:

Dark purple curtains pictured: Pair of Cara Faux Silk Window Treatment Curtain Panel Purple by HLC.ME

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Bamboo Pattern Curtains

Bamboo patterned window dressing can be an easy alternative to the beauty and simplicity of real bamboo. Simply find a pattern that reflects the character of the room that you intend to display your bamboo patterned curtains in and see how natural your curtains will look alongside the rest of your decor. A great alternative at a reduced price.
Bamboo Pattern Curtain:

Bamboo Pattern Curtain pictured: Bamboo Garden Shower Curtain in Coffeebean by Watershed

Painted Bamboo Door Curtains

With painted bamboo door curtains, a simple thing like a curtain can be a work of art. Bamboo door curtains, even when they are not painted, give a little bit of a funky, tiki look to a room, but when these are painted, they can brighten up any space with beautiful designs or scenery.
Painted Bamboo Door Curtains:

Painted Bamboo Door Curtains example: Tigers Bamboo Curtain

Painted Bamboo Door Curtains example. Pictured: Magic Passage ~ Ganesh Bamboo Door Curtain ~ Hand Painted ~ 36 x 79 Inches, by Penny Lane.

Vertical Bamboo Curtains

Most of what you find when you look for bamboo curtains are actually roll-up blinds. The fact that the bamboo strands are attached in a horizontal manner makes it impossible to use them as curtains. Still, vertical bamboo curtains can be found, and they are beautiful.
Vertical Bamboo Curtains:

Vertical Bamboo Curtains pictured: Master Garden Products Natural Beaded Bamboo Curtain, 36 by 78-Inch

Vertical Bamboo Curtains picture
Vertical Bamboo Curtains pictured: Bamboo Curtain in Natural, sold by Wayfair.

Bamboo Curtains for Outdoors

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If you are looking for an outdoor curtain, what could be more appropriate than a bamboo curtain? After all bamboo grows outdoors, so it is its natural setting. Bamboo curtains are perfect for adding a little privacy to your deck, patio or balcony, while still letting a bit of light in, and just a little bit of a breeze as well.
Bamboo Curtains for Outdoors:
Bamboo Curtains for Outdoors - 2
Bamboo Curtains for Outdoors pictured: Versailles Home Fashions Indoor/Outdoor Bamboo Panel, 72-Inch, Stripe Espresso and Tan

Bamboo Curtains for Outdoors: Bamboo Ring Top Curtain BRP12 40-Inch L x 84-Inch H Indoor/Outdoor Panel, Espresso Brown