Womens Latin dance shoes

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Whether you’re a beginner, just getting back into the dance scene, or have been dancing up a storm for years, a quality pair of leather or satin Latin dance shoes is a must. A Latin dance shoe must be first and foremost comfortable and stylish so you’ll not only look good when dancing the tango, foxtrot, rumba, or samba, but your feet will feel okay after a few hours on the dance floor.
Womens Latin dance shoes:
Womens Latin dance shoes
Womens Latin dance shoes pictured: Very Fine Shoes Women’s Salsa Ballroom Tango Latin Dance Shoes Style 6030 Bundle with Plastic Dance Shoe Heel Protectors 2.5 Inch Heel, gold.

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Mens Latin dance shoes

If you’re looking to buy a pair of men’s Latin dance shoes, consider first how they fit in with your overall lifestyle. For example, if you are a professional Latin dancer, a dance shoe is an important part of your overall dress and performance. They should be lighweight, flexible and have the common 1.5 inch Cuban heel. However, if you just want to dance socially, you don’t really need to wear a specific Latin dance shoe with Cuban heel, as any dress shoe should be fine.
Mens Latin dance shoes:
Mens Latin dance shoes
Mens Latin dance shoes pictured: Capezio Dance Men’s Latin Social Dance, black

Belly dance unitards

When you are working on your belly dancer moves and don’t feel like getting all dressed up in your dance outfit, a simple belly dance unitard can provide ample comfort and mobility for practicing at home or at dance class. And when it comes time to wear your full dance costume, you can use the unitard as a comfortable layer underneath your get-up.
Belly dance unitards:
Belly dance unitards
Belly dance unitards pictured:
Left: Off the Nile Luxor Bootcut Halter Unitard
Middle: Miss Belly Dance Women’s Cotton Harem Pants & Top Costume Set
Right: BellyLady Practice Belly Dance Unitard-Body Costume

Toddler dance leotard

If your young daughter is an early beginner at dance or gymnastics, a toddler dance leotard is a definite must for her to be able to move around comfortably. Apart from the color and cut, make sure the leotard fits your daughter’s body well without any discomfort from the leotard being too tight or the straps digging in to your baby’s shoulders or upper arm area. After all, comfort is key when it comes to enjoying what they are doing.
Toddler dance leotard:

Toddler dance leotards pictured: Left: Disney Princess By Capezio Girls 2-6x Camisole Leotard / Right: Disney Princess By Capezio Girls 2-6x Short Sleeve Leotard

Dance skirts

Whether you dance professionally or for fun and exercise, an essential item for getting the most out of your dance moves is a dance skirt. Usually with an elastic waistband for ultimate comfort, dance skirts allow your body to flow unimpeded by tight clothing while your skin gets to “breathe”. You may want to have two or more dance skirts if you dance more than one or two times a week.
Dance skirts:

Dance skirts example. Pictured: Elastic Waist Character Skirt,N8108, by Natalie Dancewear.

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