Mens lightweight denim jeans

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If you are not a fan of wearing shorts throughout the summer, but find that denim is too hot to wear during the warmer months, a pair of men’s lightweight denim jeans can help keep you cool and comfortable. Made from a lighter material, usually a combination of cotton and linen, lightweight jeans come in a variety of jean styles and colors so you’re sure to find a pair or two that fit your jean preference nicely.
Mens lightweight denim jeans:
Mens lightweight denim jeans
Mens lightweight denim jeans pictured:
Left: Canterbury of New Zealand Men’s Newman Slim Straight Lightweight Jean, medium blue wash
Middle: Stone Island mens, stonewash lightweight denim jeans SI2734, size 30
Right: Wrangler Men’s Flame Resistant Relaxed Fit Lightweight Jean, prewash

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Denim blazer for men

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It seems like back in the day, nearly everyone under the age of 25 owned a jean jacket. I myself had a few throughout the seventies and eighties, but when I hit my late twenties, they seemed to get less and less wear until they found a permanent home in the back of my closet. These days however, I have found a nice collection of casual, yet dressy denim blazers that cater to a more fashionable crowd. They may not be the faded jean jackets of our youth, but that actually may be a good thing!
Denim blazer for men:

Denim blazer for men pictured: Armani Exchange Denim Blazer.

Denim window valance

Considering redecorating a bed room or living room in a 70’s style retro theme? If so, you may need some shag carpeting, wood paneling, suede sofas, leather bean bags, lava lamps, and to complete that 70’s touch, denim window valances. This look should take you and your guests back to the decade where wide lapels and bell bottom pants were all the rage. Or if you just want a touch of that decade in the room, just a denim window valance will do.
Denim window valance:

Denim window valance pictured:
Denim Tab Top Valance – Blue (57×18″) by Karin Maki

Men’s Denim Blazer

Denim has been around for a long time, and its popularity has never diminished. It used to be that it was a fabric used only for jeans or overalls, but those days are long gone, and it has become a versatile fabric that can be used for anything, like blazers. You may not want to wear jeans with your denim blazer though. It’s a fabric that seems to look better when paired with different fabrics.
Men’s Denim Blazer:

Men’s Denim Blazer pictured: Polo Ralph Lauren RRL Mens Denim Blazer Navy Jacket Large.