Diner chairs

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What we might not have looked twice at thirty years ago or more, is now an in-demand item for retro style kitchens, diners and restaurants. Diner chairs, especially the Naugahyde versions with the classic V back support fit perfectly in a fifties or sixties decor theme which you might find at your local diner or trendy family restaurant. If they look like new, chances are they are replicas of that style of chair and probably quite expensive.
Diner chairs:

Diner chairs example. Pictured: Black and White V-back Diner Chair by BudgetBarStools.

Also of interest: Two- Tone Classic Diner Chair by Seats and Stools / 1950’s Retro Chrome Diner Chair – Made in USA by BudgetBarStools / Vinyl Round Diner Chair – Black by Manhattan Modern

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Retro Diner Uniforms

Weather you’re starting a 50’s style diner, or you’ve chosen to go out as a waitress for Halloween, retro diner uniforms and costumes are a great way to bring back those old days when waitresses used to serve you on roller skates. A real blast for the past.
Retro Diner Uniforms:

Retro Diner Uniform pictured: Cute 50s Costume Waitress Costume Pink Uniform Service 50s Diner