Japanese style room divider privacy screen

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These privacy dividers add an oriental flair to any bedroom or home office area. Their main function is to separate a room in two areas, or to hide an eyesore. They can also be used as a window shade for extra privacy or to temporarily block some of the sun rays that may be too intense at certain times of the day. An elegant, practical and multifunction addition to any room.
Japanese style room divider privacy screen:
Japanese style room divider privacy screen
Japanese style room divider privacy screen pictured: 48″ Low Double Cross Bamboo Tree Shoji Room Divider by ORIENTAL FURNITURE. 4 panel. Color: Honey. Also available in 5 and 6 panel models.

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Room divider with shelves

Separate a large room into two sections or more with a room divider with shelves. Perfect for an open living space concept like a loft, room dividers can help to create smaller, more personal areas like a small reading area or entertainment area. And a room divider with shelves can allow for the display and easy access of books, photos, music or movie collection adding more functionality to the divider than simple separation.
Room divider with shelves:

Room divider with shelves pictured: ORE International N1032-4-WALNUT 4-Panel Walnut Finish Room Divider with Book Shelves

Japanese room divider

A Japanese room divider can add a touch of Asian elegance to practically any room offering both decorative appeal and functionality. Japanese room dividers come in many styles and sizes and you can choose from rice paper, woven plant fiber, rattan, bamboo, cotton, polyester fabric, or solid wood room dividers in a color or design print that will surely complement any space. Great for creating smaller sections of a large room or to hide unsightly areas that you might not want guests to see.
Japanese room divider:

Japanese room divider pictured: 84″ Jute Shoji Room Divider by ORIENTAL FURNITURE. Color: rosewood. Size: 5 panel.

Dorm room divider

No matter if you have the perfect dorm room-mate or not, we all need our own personal and private space now and then and a dorm room divider is a non-obtrusive way of realizing that. There are a few designs to choose from, like the traditional Japanese style four panel room divider to the more modern looking cardboard sections sets that attach to each other with removable plastic clips depending on how high or wide you prefer your privacy. You can then easily detach the sections for storage under your bed until needed.
Dorm room divider:

Dorm room divider pictured: Unique Colors Accents & Accessories – 6ft. Double Cross Hatch Japanese Shoji Screen Room Divider – Lavender & Purple by ORIENTAL FURNITURE