Interior folding accordion doors

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When you’re looking to add privacy to an open room or small space, but you don’t have the budget for new doors, a cheaper alternative would be to install interior folding accordion doors. Folding doors are relatively easy to install and can also be used as a substitute for wood doors when an existing door needs to be removed because it gets in the way of your space when opened. Think small closet or kitchen pantry.
Interior folding accordion doors:
Interior folding accordion doors
Interior folding accordion doors pictured:
Left: Wallscapes VS3280F Spectrum Via 24 to 36 by 80-Inch Fruitwood Accordion Folding Door
Right: 48×80 WHT Folding Door by Ltl Home Products Inc

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Small storage cabinets with doors

Whether you live in a small apartment, or you have small rooms in your house, you may need to add some storage space in the form of small cabinets that can easily fit in any bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or dining room. And don’t worry about the decorative aspect of storage cabinets as they come in a great variety of styles, colors and dimensions to suit your decor and storage needs.
Small storage cabinets with doors:
Small storage cabinets with doors
Small storage cabinets with doors pictured:
Left: Gifts & Decor Wood White Finish Home Decor Bathroom Storage Cabinet
Middle: Chesterfield Floor Cabinet with Drawer by Elite
Right: Elegant Home Fashions Dawson Floor Cabinet With Single Door, White

CD storage with doors

With the advent of MP3 players with large hard drives, in which you can literally store your complete collection of music, it seems that home CD storage should be a thing of the past. However, much like collectors of vinyl records, CD collectors are not likely to part with their physical media anytime soon. In this case, and depending on the size of the collection, a CD storage unit with doors would be the way to go.
CD storage with doors:

CD storage with doors pictured: Leslie Dame Wall Mountable Multimedia Storage Cabinet in Oak

White storage cabinet with doors

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When you’re looking to add extra storage space in the kitchen or bathroom, a white storage cabinet with doors can fit into practically any decor nicely with shelves and space deep enough to hold non-perishable food items or linen, towels and toiletries. Also great as added storage for the laundry room or basement/garage work space.
White storage cabinet with doors:

White storage cabinets with doors pictured: Left: Garage Two Door large 36″ Tall Cabinet w/Three Shelves by Ultimate / Right: Americana Pantry by HomeStyles

Storage cabinets with doors

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If you’re like me, you never seem to have enough shelves for all your stuff. Althought shelves are great, there are some things that just don’t look very good when displayed for all to see. Things like office supplies, stacks of magazines, etc… Storage cabinets with doors supply you with the shelving you need, and the means to hide your stuff from view.
Storage cabinets with doors:

Storage cabinets with doors example. Pictured: South Shore Morgan Collection Storage Cabinet, solid black.

Also of interest: Cupboard armoire / 4-Tier Bookcase Storage Shelves Cabinet with Door/Round Handle by Furinno / Leslie Dame MS-1050W Glass Sliding 3 Door Media Storage Cabinet – Walnut / Steel 78″” High Storage Cabinet with Locking Swing-Out Doors, 36w x 24d, Black by Tennsco