Pet drinking fountains

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Some pets seem to prefer drinking water from the tap rather than from their own bowl. Perhaps it’s something about the movement of the water or the sound of it flowing. A pet drinking fountain provides both these properties, and may encourage your pet to drink. On the other hand, what may appeal to the animal is the fact that water from a running tap is nice and cold. This is something that cannot be provided by drinking fountains.
Pet drinking fountains:

Pet drinking fountains example. Pictured: Drinkwell Lotus Ceramic Fountain

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Cat Drinking Fountains

Cats need to drink fresh water regularly in order for them to maintain a healthy constitution and shiny coat. Cat drinking fountains are all the “roar” these days, and they’re “purrrfect” for your cat (and small dogs too). They don’t require a lot of space, and fit nicely against any wall of your home. There are several types and styles you can buy.
Cat Drinking Fountains:

Cat Drinking Fountains example. Pictured: Petmate Fresh Flow Pet Fountain, color: black