Egyptian towels

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When I was a kid I could never understand why my parents got so excited about a new towel set. Each Christmas my folks would get the house all cleaned up from top to bottom for my grandparents and one of the finishing touches would be to add a nice towel set. Truth be told, they all felt the same to me. Then when I was older and on my own, I remember buying an Egyptian Towel set and immediately noticed the luxurious difference compared to my “rags” at home. I then understood why a new towel set would be so exciting.
Egyptian towels:

Egyptian towels pictured: Superior Egyptian Cotton 3-Piece Towel Set, Gold, by Superior.

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Luxury egyptian cotton towels

So you’ve finished renovating the bathroom and it’s now looking a lot more like a room you want to relax in while taking a long hot bath. The only thing you now need to think about are the towels. In this regard, you should definitely check out a set of luxurious 100 % Egyptian cotton towels for that oh so pampered feeling. Thicker and more absorbent than regular towels, you’ll want to jump back in the bath again just so you can dry yourself off a second time.
Luxury egyptian cotton towels:

Luxury egyptian cotton towels example. Pictured: Luxury Spa Collection – GREY Bath Towel – 100% Egyptian Cotton BATH TOWEL GREY by Luxury Egyptian Bedding.

800 gram Egyptian cotton towels

If you have ever experienced getting out of the bath or shower, only to find that the bath towel your using is a flimsy as a paper towel, it may be time to invest in some luxurious 800 gram Egyptian cotton towels. These towels are thick, extra-absorbent, and oh so soft that you’ll feel like your being pampered in a 5 star spa as you wrap yourself in their softness. A definite must have for those who enjoy comfort and luxury.
800 gram Egyptian cotton towels:
800 gram Egyptian cotton towels
800 gram Egyptian cotton towels pictured: Supreme Egyptian Cotton 2-Piece Bath Sheet Set by City Scene.

Egyptian Halloween Costumes

Walk like an…… Egyptian Halloween costume…no no, I don’t mean building a pyramid out of a cardboard box and placing it on the top of your head. Dress like Cleopatra and become the Queen of the Nile, not queen of denial with no costume to wear. Don’t wait till the last minute.
Egyptian Halloween Costume:

Egyptian Halloween Costume pictured: Goddessey LLC Queen of the Nile Womens Costume