Shower chair for the elderly

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As we get into our senior years, we begin to lose some degree of mobility and our sense of balance, which can be frustrating when it comes time to take a shower or bath. If you’re at the stage where you need assistance from someone to bathe you, a shower chair designed for the elderly might be something to consider. Padded arm rests and suctions cups on the feet of the chair help to safely get you on and off the chair with the help of a care-giver. You will also probably want someone else to set up the chair as it can be quite complicated.
Shower chair for the elderly:

Shower chairs for the elderly pictured:
left: Drive Medical Bath Bench with Back and Arms, White
right: Drive Medical Bath Bench with Back and Removable Padded Arms

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Swivel bath chair for the elderly

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Unfortunately, there’s no denying it, as we get older we lose some abilities that we may have previously taken for granted. Something like a simple shower can be a test of our physical mobility and one that we might need help with later in life. A swivel bath chair provides a measure of independent bathing and is relatively easy to set-up and use, allowing for easy entry and exit from the tub.
Swivel bath chair for the elderly:

Swivel bath chair for the elderly pictured: Eagle Health Tub Mount Swivel Shower Chair – Swivel Shower Chair.