Enclosed TV cabinets

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With the purchase of an HD flat screen TV, there also comes a secondary purchase, an enclosed TV cabinet. This cabinet replaces the old TV stand or wall unit with a sleek looking enclosure for those peripheral items connected to your TV like Blu Ray players, Wii gaming consoles and whatever else you have your TV hooked up to. The cabinet also lends itself to a more contemporary style than the old standby’s.
Enclosed TV cabinets:

Enclosed TV cabinets example. Pictured: BDI Mirage 8227-2, Triple Wide Enclosed Cabinet ( Satin Black with Black Glass Top) by Becker.

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Enclosed TV Cabinets with Doors

If you are looking for an enclosed TV cabinet that has doors, look for a model that has built-in ventilation. Amplifiers, game consoles and other electronic equipment can easily overheat when placed in an enclosed space. You may want to look for a model with glass doors that are “remote friendly”, letting you control your DVD player or amp without having to open the doors.
Enclosed TV Cabinets with Doors:
Enclosed TV Cabinets with Doors picture-4
Enclosed TV Cabinets with Doors pictured: SEI Narita Walnut Corner Media Stand with Windowpane-Style Doors by Southern Enterprises, Inc.