Extra large stainless steel dog bowls

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No matter the size of dog you may own, extra large stainless steel dog bowls can be a convenient way to provide your faithful pet with plenty of food and water when you know you’ll be away for longer than normal. Simply fill his or her water bowl up to near the brim while filling the dry food bowl with double the serving you normally feed your pooch with the hope that your dog won’t gulp it all down in one feeding.
Extra large stainless steel dog bowls:

Extra large stainless steel dog bowls pictured: Top: Our Pets Durapet Food Bowl 4.5 Qt / Bottom: Stainless Steel Mirror Pet Dish by Ethical Pet

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Extra Large Deck Box

When you are in need of outdoor storage for everyday items like cushions, tools, swimming accessories, sports equipment and garden supplies, an extra large deck box can really be a handy fix to solve your storage problems. Made from weather and rust resistant materials, an extra large deck box not only can store upwards of 16.5 cubic feet or more of whatever it is you need to store, but it makes a good makeshift seating for two if need be. And with a sturdy lock attached, outdoor critters and nosy kids or neighbors won’t be able to peek inside.
Extra Large Deck Box:

Extra Large Deck Box pictured: 150 Gallon Deck Box for Storage and Sitting by Deck Storage box

Extra large dog bowls

As pet owners, it makes sense to really only want the best for our pets. If you own big dogs or find that their water or food bowl is empty more than it is full, then consider purchasing an extra large dog bowl for your furry friend. There are some that hold up to four and a half quarts of water or dog food which should keep your dog happy, hydrated and well fed.
Extra large dog bowls:

Extra large dog bowls example. Pictured: Our Pets Durapet Food Bowl 4.5 Qt

Extra deep pocket bed sheets

In the quest for the perfect sleep, I have found that a thin memory foam mattress to go on top of my existing mattress works wonders. If you have also found the addition of a foam topper to be helpful you may have noticed that it is a tad more difficult to cover the topper and mattress with your existing bed sheet. If this is the case, I would recommend buying an extra deep pocket bed sheet that will fit any mattress addition nicely with no more tugging.
extra deep pocket bed sheets -2
Extra deep pocket bed sheets: Malouf Fine Linens 600 Thread Count GENUINE EGYPTIAN COTTON

extra deep pocket bed sheets -1
Extra deep pocket bed sheets: Chain Embroidered Egyptian Cotton Percale 300 Thread Count Extra Deep Pocket Sheet Set Cal King Café by Tribeca Living

Extra tall ironing board

Ironing is definitely not one of those chores that many people look forward to. And if you happen to be taller than the average guy or gal, you know how hard it is to iron with a regular ironing board without your back and shoulders hurting. A practical solution to this problem would be to buy an extra tall ironing board that would allow you to comfortably iron without pain or discomfort. If for some reason you cannot find one locally or online, there are a few sites on the Web that will show you how to literally build one from scratch using items you probably already have in your home.

Ironing board pictured: Household Essentials Fibertech Top Bronze Finish 4-Leg Ironing Board with Natural Cotton Cover by Whitney Designs