Sisal Fabric Cat Scratching Post

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If you have a problem with your cat scratching your furniture like it’s their own scratching post, then you have a few options: One is to have your cat declawed, but many are reluctant to do that. The second is to try and dissuade your cat from scratching your furniture by using a water bottle that squirts out water. After a period of time this may work but it’s not %100 guaranteed. The third option is to buy a sisal fabric scratching post like the brand PurrFect Post, which apparently cats seem to favor over other fabric posts and furniture. Personally, I would go with option three, but that’s just me.
Sisal Fabric Cat Scratching Post:

Sisal Fabric Cat Scratching Post pictured: SmartCat Bootsie’s Combination Scratcher

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Bamboo Fabric Sheets

Looking for alternatives to silk or cotton fabric sheets for your bed, while at the same time wanting to be eco-friendly? Then check out bamboo sheets. Naturally antibacterial, hypo-allergenic and wrinkle resistant, bamboo fits the bill perfectly. And they are quite affordable. You won’t believe how comfortable they can be.
Bamboo Fabric Sheets:
Bamboo Fabric Sheets image
Bamboo Fabric Sheets pictured above: Pure Fiber Sheet Set by Pure Fiber