Stainless pull out kitchen faucet

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Whether you are washing dishes and trying to get the water into those hard to reach places, or you’re giving a small baby a bath in the sink, a stainless pull out kitchen faucet can help immensely. A pull out kitchen faucet also allows you to not only hose down vegetables, but also makes washing big pots and pans easier as you can direct the spray of water to where you want it to reach, rather than trying to maneuver the pan under a regular faucet.
Stainless pull out kitchen faucet:

Stainless pull out kitchen faucet pictured: KOHLER K-6331-VS Evoke Single Control Pullout Kitchen Faucet, Vibrant Stainless

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Electronic kitchen faucet

I understand the coolness factor of having an electronic water faucet in your kitchen or bathroom, but after the initial WOW of it all, are they really worth it? It depends on how much you are bothered by having to turn on the taps manually when your hands are dirty, and having to clean the taps. If these are not big issues for you, then a regular tap may be just fine.
Electronic kitchen faucet:

Electronic kitchen faucet pictured: American Standard 6056.165.002 Selectronic AC Version Proximity 6 -Inch Gooseneck Faucet, Polished Chrome.

Oil rubbed bronze kitchen sink faucet

When thinking of renovating, or at least revamping the look of your kitchen, one of the more important items to consider is your kitchen faucet. If not enough consideration is given in this regard, the look of your finished kitchen might seem a tad off. That being said, an oil rubbed bronze kitchen sink faucet is a timeless addition to your kitchen sink and should work nicely visually in almost any style from antique traditional to contemporary chic.
Oil rubbed bronze kitchen sink faucet:
oil rubbed bronze kitchen sink faucet
Oil rubbed bronze kitchen sink faucet pictured: Premier 120164 Wellington Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet with Matching Side Spray, Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Motion sensor kitchen faucet

I understand the need to keep up with technology as a means to make our lives a little easier, but I am on the fence when it comes to motion sensor faucets. I mean really, is it too much to turn a faucet or two when in the kitchen or bathroom? Now, I do realize the added value in commercial establishments like restaurants or movie theaters when hygiene is a large concern. But in one’s home? A little bleach and you’re good to go, without having to resort to the latest costly gadget.
Motion sensor kitchen faucet:
Motion sensor kitchen faucet image
Motion sensor kitchen faucet pictured: Brizo 64900-SS – Pascal: Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet With Hands-Free And Smarttouch(R) Technology.

Touch sensitive kitchen faucet

Some may think that a touch sensitive kitchen faucet that uses no taps and turns on or off with just the brush of your hand, finger, wrist or any other part of your body is tantamount to pure laziness. But for some, this is a Godsend as this means they will no longer have to worry about contaminating the taps with bacteria or possibly salmonella. If you have been in contact with raw meat, simply touch the water spout with clean part if your hand or arm and the water will flow instantly. No fuss, no muss, with a touch sensitive kitchen faucet.

touch sensitive kitchen faucet image
Touch sensitive kitchen faucet.
Pictured: the Delta 980T-SSSD-DST