Ferret cage

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As pet owners, for the most part we want only the best for our furry friends, which is why, when it comes to buying a cage for the little rascals, there’s practically no limit on size, relatively speaking. From the standard “one room” floor model to cages that are like ferret mansions with five levels, one can find it difficult to make a choice. Just make sure your ferret has lots of room to climb and move around freely. With that in mind, they should be happy campers.
Ferret cage:

Ferret cage pictured: Marshall Folding Small-Animal Mansion by Marshall Pet Products.

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Ferret cages

If you live in an urban setting, you have probably realized at some point in time that pets are safest when in-doors. This may be especially true if you have a ferret for a pet and while it’s great to be able to have the little fur-ball run around the apartment, you might not always want this. A great solution would be to buy a large enough cage for your ferret to run, jump and climb around as they are prone to do. This way, when you are not home, you can feel good that they are safe and happy.
Ferret cages:

Ferret cages pictured: New Large Wrought Iron Double Cage w/ Slide Out Divider 3 Levels Ferret Chinchilla Sugar Glider Cage 61″Length x 18″Depth x 56″Height W/Stand on Wheels *Egg Shell White* by Mcage. Sold by Rowland Direct Wholesale.

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Ferret mansion cage

If you own a pet ferret or two, you may want the best for your pet. Apart from food and love, the ferret cage is the most important purchase you can make for your furry friend. In this case, I would recommend buying a large cage for extra room and maneuverability. Another important addition to a ferret mansion cage is a cover, especially if you keep your ferret pet outdoors. Such a cover keeps the wind out and the warmth in on those colder evenings. Your ferret will thank you.
Ferret mansion cage:
ferret mansion cage image
Ferret mansion cage pictured:
Midwest Critter Nation with Stand

Small ferret cage

If you are in the market and looking to buy a cage for your pet ferret, keep in mind the following information: the average size of a ferret is approximately 20 inches with an average weight between 3 to 5 pounds when full grown. Even though 20 inches is not very big, you still should consider buying your ferret a medium to large cage. The reason being is that ferret’s need to roam around and as such, they need lots of space to do so. Which is why there are various sizes from small ferret cages to 4 level cages. It’s kind of like the equivalent of living in a small one room apartment versus a mufti-level home. Which would you be happier in? Keep this in mind if you are considering a small ferret cage.

small ferret cage image
Small ferret cage pictured: Super Pet My First Home for Rabbits

Wooden ferret cage

When considering buying a ferret cage, you need to do your homework first. First order of the day is to purchase a galvanized metal wire frame cage that has a enamel type wire coating for lasting durability. And most important, stay away from wooden ferret cages as they absorb odors and are easily contaminated by germs and bacteria. And remember, a metal cage is hard for your ferret to walk on, so cover the bottom of the cage with a washable surface like tile or linoleum. Your ferret will love you forever!

Wooden cage pictured above: Super Pet Rabbit Hutch

Wooden cage pictured: Super Pet Premium Rabbit Hutch