Floating shelf for DVD player

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Using floating shelves to hold your DVD players, gaming consoles and mini-stereo systems minimizes clutter and maximizes space to give practically any room a clean, modern look. Floating shelves are relatively easy to install providing you have the right tools and hardware. It’s always good to check out the included hardware first before putting up the shelves. If the mounting brackets appear to be damaged or not great quality, you may be better off going to the hardware and buying your own bracketing system so that everything stays in place.
Floating shelf for DVD player:

Floating shelves for DVD player pictured: Master Mounts Glass Entertainment Shelves for Home Electronic Components, DVD Player, Cable Boxes, Game Consoles, set of 2 shelves

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Modern floating shelf

If you’ve glanced through a home decor magazine or have watched any of the home decorating shows on the cable specialty channels, you have no doubt seen a modern floating shelf or two adorning a wall surrounded by contemporary decor. Used either vertically or horizontally, this style of floating shelf is sleek in design. You can place small items on top of the shelf as well as inside, giving you more bang for your buck!
Modern floating shelf:

Modern floating shelves pictured: Nexera 223506 Avenue 2-Pack Rectangular Floating Shelves, Black

Walnut floating shelf

If you are looking to add some shelving to the wall, a walnut floating shelf can be a decorative and functional shelf for practically any room or decor. The walnut grain gives the shelf an elegant quality that can compliment your displayed items nicely, whether in a contemporary or traditional setting. Simply pick a shelf dimension that is suitable for want you want to place on it, then all that’s left is an easy installation of the shelf and its hardware and you’re good to go.
Walnut floating shelf:

Walnut floating shelf pictured: Welland 48 Inch x 10 Inch x 2 Inch Chicago Wall Shelf Display Floating Shelves Walnut

Rustic floating shelf

Whether it’s for a space above your country style fireplace, or to hold all your old High School trophies in your den or man cave, a rustic floating shelf can provide you with both the shelving space needed for your displayed memories and a natural look that fits right in with the decor or theme of the room. Floating shelves are also easily installed with a simple following of the directions along with having the right tools at your disposal.
Rustic floating shelf:

Rustic floating shelf pictured: Pearl Mantels 412-60-50 Shenandoah Pine 60-Inch Fireplace Mantel Shelf, Rustic.

Floating glass wall shelf

Proudly share your most cherished photos, art, books, figurines or music collection in style by displaying them on a floating glass wall shelf. As a stand alone piece, or with several shelves stacked on top of one another to show off a complete collection, a floating wall shelf adds a contemporary look to any area. And whether you choose clear, frosted, or two tone glass, your memorable items are sure to stand out wonderfully.
Floating glass wall shelf:

Floating glass wall shelf pictured: 8″ x 24″ White Glass Shelf & Anchor Kit by Knape & Vogt