Cordless floor lamp

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While the notion of a cordless floor lamp may sound like a cool idea, there seems to be an issue with the strength of light provided to read by or to do whatever work needs to be done. That being said, being able to carry the lamp in from one room to another when needed is convenient and of course, when having to deal with a black-out, a cordless floor lamp can come in quite handy. Providing of course that you have the batteries needed to power the lamp.
Cordless floor lamp:

Cordless floor lamp pictured: Trademark Cordless Portable Floor Lamp

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Floor standing towel rack

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Depending on how large your bathroom area is, you may not have a towel that is easily accessible from the bathtub or shower, causing you to get the floor or carpeting all wet when moving from the bath/shower to the towel bar. A great way to keep this from happening is to buy a floor standing towel rack that you can move around when and where needed. No more quick dashes to the towel rack or slipping on a wet floor with a Floor standing towel rack.

floor standing towel rack imageFloor standing towel rack pictured: Taymor Chrome Curved Floor Towel Valet

Bathroom floor towel racks

One of the problems of having a large master bathroom is that the towel rack is sometimes on the opposite wall, out of reach when needed. A workaround to this minor issues is to buy a towel rack that stands on the bathroom floor. This way, you can move it to where ever you may need it. It also looks great in your bathroom and usually comes with a heavy base and rubberized bottom that won’t scuff your bathroom floor tiles.

Bathroom floor towel rack pictured above: InterDesign York Lyra Hand Towel Rack, Bronze

Bathroom floor rack for towels pictured: Gatco 1508 Floor Standing S Style Towel Holder

Floor to ceiling towel rack

There’s a saying in my family, “there’s no such thing as too many towels”! Living with four sisters, two parents and a dog, you can imagine how many towels we went through in a week. One of the greatest things we had though was a floor to ceiling towel rack that held a towel for each kid, plus mom and dad. And as an added bonus, the towel rack was one of those that would heat up, providing a small bit of pampering when getting out of the shower or bath.
floor to ceiling towel rack 1
Floor to ceiling towel rack pictured: Zenith Products Pole Caddy, White

Floor TV stands

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From what I can tell, the term “floor stand” in relation to TV’s seems to refer to long pedestal type stands rather than stands with shelves, cabinets or drawers. Some floor stands are meant to be decorative, while others focus more on functionality, featuring wheels for easy movement. If you’re looking for the ideal solution for small spaces or professional applications, then go with floor TV stands.
Floor TV stands:

Floor TV stands example. Pictured: Glass TV Stand with Shelf for a 17 to 32 Inch Plasma Television – Green-Tinted by Displays2go

Of course this type of small-footprint, narrow stand was simply not practical when we were dealing with CTR sets. Those TV’s were big, deep, and heavy, and thus required much bigger and sturdy stands. Thankfully, flat screens are much lighter and thinner, opening up a lot of possibilities when it comes to placement and stands. There are two basic types of floor stands to choose from: the type on which you mount your TV, and the type on which you simply rest the set. The mounting option results in a stand that is often very sleek and minimalist looking. It provides a look somewhat similar to wall-mounting, but without the extra complications involved. You don’t have to worry about making holes in your wall, for one thing.