Flower girl dyeable shoes

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When you are trying to get everyone color coordinated for your big day, you might not be able to find the color of shoe that you want for everyone. And whether it’s the bridesmaids or the flower girl, you want the colors to match. In such a case, you might want to consider white satin dye-able shoes as an option. This way, you can be sure that the colors will match the outfit and what every one else is wearing. It’s an extra step in the wedding process, but so worth it!
Flower girl dyeable shoes:

Flower girl dyeable shoes pictured: Top: Touch Ups Penny Dress Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid) / Bottom: Touch Ups Little Kid/Big Kid Kayla Dyeable Dress Shoe

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Artificial flower arrangements for home or wedding

Having a bunch of flower arrangements in one’s home makes a room look and smell fresh, but can be quite expensive when the arrangements need to replaced. Artificial flower arrangements however can look just as beautiful as the real thing while saving you a lot of money down the road. A little tip before you begin arranging your flower bouquet: start off with whatever green filler base you are going to have first, then follow up with your bigger and more colorful flowers until you have the arrangement you want.
Artificial flower arrangements for home or wedding:

Artificial flower arrangements for home or wedding pictured: Left: Peony & Orchid Silk Flower Arrangement by Nearly Natural (white) / Right: Amico 17.3″ High Hot Pink Artificial Flower Bush Wedding Arrangement Home Decor.

Artificial flower pin

An artificial flower pin is a great addition to any wardrobe and can typically be worn as a brooch, belt accessory or even as a decorative piece in your hat. They also make a great children’s gift or Mother’s Day gift. And if you’re the do it yourself type, you can easily make your own artificial flower pin at significantly less expense than buying one at a fashionable boutique or kiosk.
Artificial flower pin:

Artificial flower pin examples pictured: Top left: Cosmos Artificial Flower Pin Brooch, light pink / Top right: Marigold Artificial Flower Pin Brooch, Orange / Bottom left: Magnolia Artificial Flower Hair Clip/Pin Brooch, blue / Bottom right: Sophia Rose Artificial Flower Hair Clip/Pin Brooch, green. All by Yves Decor

Silk flower arrangements for weddings

There’s something magical about a wedding and no matter what month, there can be the added beauty of silk flower arrangements adorning each and every table. And once the party is over, one guest from each table can be given the arrangement to have as a lasting memory. There are also silk rose petals you can order to make a walking path for the bride as she approaches the altar. No matter the climate, silk flowers are always in bloom.
Silk flower arrangements for weddings:

Silk flower arrangements for weddings pictured: Left: Mini Calla Lily Silk Flower Arrangement by Nearly Natural / Right: Nearly Natural Lilac Silk Flower Arrangement

Baby flower girl dresses for weddings

While weddings allow everyone to dress up and look their best, it’s always the young children who seem to look so cute in their best dresses and small suits. Whether your baby girl carries the ring or the flowers, a girl’s dress at weddings should always be bright and colorful with a dash of pattern if need be.
Baby flower girl dresses for weddings:

Baby flower girl dresses for weddings pictured, left: AMJ Dresses Inc White Infant Flower Girl Christening Dress Sizes S to 4t, sold by AMJ Dresses Inc. / right: Classykidzshop Baby Ivory Flower Girl Dress with Colorful Sash, Ivory Pink