Glass wall water fountain

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If you got about $5,000.00 kicking about and it’s burning a hole in your pocket, consider adding a 10 foot glass wall water fountain to the inside or outside of your home. The natural sounds of water streaming through the glass will have a most relaxing effect while the visual display of the wall fountain itself should be just as invigorating. A definite conversation starter!
Glass wall water fountain:

Glass wall water fountain pictured: Stainless Grande With Clear Glass by Bluworld.

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Lighted wall fountain

Buying a wall fountain to enhance the look of your living room or dining room is a great way to offer your visitors a cool visual that can also be a simple aural experience as the sound of water flows softly throughout the fountain. In addition to this, you can buy a lighted wall fountain that can offer your visitors a dramatic and beautiful display of light and sound. Definitely a conversation starter.
Lighted wall fountain:
Lighted wall fountain
Lighted wall fountain pictured: Kenroy Home #50621SL Brook Indoor/Outdoor Floor/Wall Fountain in Natural Slate Finish.

Indoor slate wall fountain

No matter where you have an indoor slate wall fountain, be it the home or office, the one thing that you always have to keep in mind is the cleaning and maintenance of your wall fountain. To ensure a bacteria free fountain, clean your water fountain regularly by cleaning both the wall fountain itself and the pump that goes with it. Also, if you have a small wall fountain, use distilled water whenever possible.
Indoor slate wall fountain:
Indoor slate wall fountain
Indoor slate wall fountain pictured: Kenroy Lighting 50237SL Central Park 1 Light Fountains in Natural Slate.

Cherub wall fountain

When considering outdoor decor for your patio or garden, a wall fountain is one of those items that makes the look of your patio much more appealing. One of the more popular wall fountains is the cherub wall fountain, which features a carved cherub image that will have your guests commenting on how magical your patio looks. A great addition at a relatively small cost.
Cherub wall fountain:
Cherub wall fountain image
Cherub wall fountain pictured:
Orlandi Angelogy Wall Fountain – by Simply Fountains

Weeping wall fountain

If you got the money, and you’re looking to add a little something to your living room that will make your friends and family slightly envious, install a modern looking bronze mirrored weeping wall fountain. For about $400.00, plus installation, you can have your very own indoor water fountain that is guaranteed to be a head turner. Of course, you need to have the space and your decor should be tastefully contemporary to match the aesthetic that a weeping wall fountain brings to the space.
Weeping wall fountain:
weeping wall fountain image
Weeping wall fountain pictured:
Kenroy Home 19998 Central Square 27 Light Indoor Wall Fountain in Bronze with Textured Face