Modern outdoor fountains

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Setting up your backyard to be a peaceful retreat not that difficult. A small clear area, a couple of chairs and a shady tree can be all you need to sit back and relax. However, if you want to go the extra distance, a fountain can make a great addition to your backyard. Outdoor fountains come in a wide variety of styles, materials and shapes to fit your backyard aesthetic.
Modern outdoor fountains:

Modern outdoor fountains pictured:
left: La paz Falls Fountain by Aquafires
right: Kenroy Home #50287SL Stacked Triangles Outdoor Floor Fountain in Natural Slate Finish

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Wall mounted water fountains

There’s no doubt about it, a wall mounted water fountain makes a stunning addition to your home or office that is as beautiful to look at as it is to listen to. Easy to set-up, there are many decorative variations to choose from, such as copper, slate, glass, stainless steel and stone. Many people find the sound of flowing water to be calming, and so a fountain may actually help you stay relaxed throughout your day.
Wall mounted water fountains:

Wall mounted water fountains pictured: Left: Bronze Mirror 48″ High Watergarden Wall Mounted Fountain by Lamps Plus / Right: BluWorld Bellezza Indoor/Outdoor Wall Fountain by Universal Lighting and Decor

Outdoor wall fountains

If you like the sound of water flowing, but are lucky enough to have a stream running through your backyard, you may want to consider an outdoor wall fountain. These not only provide you with the relaxing sound of flowing water, they are also beautiful to look at. Many designs are available, from traditional to ultra modern.
Outdoor wall fountains:

Outdoor wall fountains example. Pictured: The Milano – Outdoor Wall Fountain – Water Feature for Garden, Patio and Landscape Enhancement by Harmony Fountains. Slate grey.

Pet drinking fountains

Some pets seem to prefer drinking water from the tap rather than from their own bowl. Perhaps it’s something about the movement of the water or the sound of it flowing. A pet drinking fountain provides both these properties, and may encourage your pet to drink. On the other hand, what may appeal to the animal is the fact that water from a running tap is nice and cold. This is something that cannot be provided by drinking fountains.
Pet drinking fountains:

Pet drinking fountains example. Pictured: Drinkwell Lotus Ceramic Fountain

Also of interest: Drinkwell Big-Dog Pet Fountain / Hagen Catit Design Fresh and Clear Cat Drinking Fountain / Continuously Filtered Water Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain by Pioneer Pet

Outdoor copper wall fountains

If you are considering sprucing up your backyard deck or patio, you might want to add an elegant, yet relatively inexpensive outdoor copper wall fountain. The only thing you will need to consider after having bought the wall fountain, is what you will need to install the fixture. This is where you might want to hire the expertise of an experienced carpenter for an effortless and error free installation. Better safe than sorry.
Outdoor copper wall fountains:
Outdoor copper wall fountains image
Outdoor copper wall fountains example. Pictured: Water Wonders Horizon Falls Wall Fountain Size: Large (51″ Wide), Color: Copper Vein by Bluworld.