Picture frame tray

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Trays in which you can put photographs are a great gift idea. Not only are they practical and attractive, they are also personalized. Just insert pictures in the tray before you offer it to the lucky recipient. It shouldn’t be too hard to make your own picture tray. The only tricky part would be covering the back of the frame so that the nails or screws don’t scratch furniture, or one’s lap, for that matter.
Picture frame tray:
Picture frame tray
Picture frame tray pictured: Sarah Peyton Wooden Photo Serving Tray

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Full size canopy bed frame

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If you would love to have a canopy style bed in your bedroom, but the expense is prohibitive at the moment, there maybe ways to imitate a full size canopy bed frame until you have the money to buy the real thing. One way to do this would be to take a L-shaped curtain rod and attach it to the ceiling. You won’t be bale to have a full closure effect, but you’ll get pretty darn close. You can also simply hang curtains over your bed for a dreamy, pseudo canopy look.
Full size canopy bed frame:
Full size canopy bed frame
Full size canopy bed frame pictured: Laurel Canopy Bed by Night & Day Furniture. Available in Full, Queen and Eastern King sizes

Black queen bed frame

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If you have spent a lot of time, energy and money on creating a bedroom that you can fully appreciate, make sure you give the same attention to the bed frame you choose. Fortunately, standard bed frame sizes like king, queen and double come in many styles and colors and materials such as wood and metal. You can also find bed frames that come complete with storage drawers if extra space is needed. When it comes to choice of color, you obviously want something that will fit well with your bedroom’s decor.
Black queen bed frame:

Black queen bed frame pictured: Bedford Queen Bed by Home Styles. Color: Black Ebony

Metal frame loft bed

Using a metal frame loft bed in a child’s room is a great way to save on space and clutter, providing of course that your little one keeps the space below the bed relatively clean. That being said, since there will be some room under the bed frame, you can place a desk and or dresser in that area to reclaim floor and wall space so your child will have more room to move around if need be.
Metal frame loft bed:

Metal frame loft bed pictured: Sunset Metal Twin/Loft Bunk Bed by Walker Edison

Queen size platform bed frame

Whether it’s for the master bedroom or the guest room, a queen size platform bed frame can look extremely elegant in any room. This frame is also very convenient because you simply place the mattress on top of the platform without having to worry about needing a box spring. And as a simple piece of furniture, there should be no problem having the platform bed frame fit in with practically any decor.
Queen size platform bed frame:

Queen size platform bed frame pictured: Fujian Modern Paltform Bed + 2 Night Stands Queen (Espresso) by Matisse

Queen size platform bed frame - b
Story White Queen Size Sleigh Design Platform Bed With Two Night Stands by VIG