Frost-free undercounter freezer

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If you are building a bar, you should make sure you will be able to fit in a fridge under it for easy access to beer, juices, milk, and whatever else you will need to make drinks. But you will also need a freezer, if only to store ice. While some mini-fridges may include a freezer section, it is likely to be very small, and will not be big enough for the large quantities of ice needed for even just a few guests.
Frost-free undercounter freezer:
Frost-free undercounter freezer
Frost-free undercounter freezer pictured: Frost-Free Outdoor All-Freezer For Built-In Or Freestanding Use In Black by Summit Appliances

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Frost free freezer

If you’re like me, you really hate having to defrost the freezer part of your fridge. It’s a long process that usually gets messy with melted ice water dripping all over the place. At least it was for me. Thankfully, I don’t have to deal with that issue anymore as I have bought a frost free freezer that freezes with a temperature adjusted fan forced cooling system. Finally, no more ice build up and hard to close freezer doors. I should have done this long ago.
Frost free freezer:

Frost free freezer pictured: Summit SCFF55BSSTB Commercial 24″ Built In Freezer in Black with Frost-free operation.

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Frost free compact freezer

If you spend a lot of time at the cottage during the summer, there’s no reason you can’t have most of the comforts of home that you might take for granted, especially when it comes to food storage. In this regard, a frost free compact freezer can be a home away from home blessing as it allows you to keep meats and other frozen delicacies from going bad if staying for a longer period than originally anticipated. No more worries about the ice packs thawing out in the cooler. Plus the compact size can fit most anywhere so there’s no worries about your freezer taking up too much space.
Frost free compact freezer:
Frost free compact freezer image
Frost free compact freezer pictured: ADA Compliant 24-Inch Frost-free Undercounter All-Freezer with Front Lock – White 5.0 cu. by Summit.