Reshaping girdle

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For those special moments when you want to look your best and feel confident about the body image you are presenting to others, a reshaping girdle can provide a comforting slimness when you feel the need for it. A girdle can also help with your posture which adds to the slimming effect and confidence factor, making you look good as well as feel good.
Reshaping girdle:

Reshaping girdles pictured: left: Gabrialla Postpartum Body Shaping Girdle-(perfect for after C-Section) / right: Ardyss Body Magic Body Shaper Style 22

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Firm control girdle

If you’re trying to shed some unwanted pounds from your midsection, you can do all the sit ups and knee bends you can manage, but that still won’t get you to where you want to be. Healthy and smart eating, portion control and moderate physical activity four times a week should be part of an optimal weight loss plan. However, if you need to quickly lose 1 to 4 inches from your waist immediately, then a firm control girdle can help you achieve that goal, albeit for a brief period of time until you take off the girdle.
Firm control girdle:

Firm control girdle pictured: Squeem Magical Lingerie Shapewear, Firm Compression, Cotton & Rubber, Waist Cincher

Girdle brief

If you’ve put off the dieting and exercise and it’s now a day before your high school reunion, you may want to consider a girdle brief to keep your belly from sticking out too much. The way this works is that the waist band is reinforced, covering the lower part of your mid-section. There are no bulges and it also supports your back, giving you a more toned look. And it’s way cheaper than liposuction.
Girdle brief:

Girdle brief examples. Pictured left: Underworks 3-Inch Slip-on Brief Girdle for Men.
Right: Angelina Cotton/Spandex Full Coverage Girdle Brief with Large Hidden Pocket, Pack of 12 Girdles, 8 Assorted Colors

Full girdle

I can understand someone wanting to look good in a dinner dress or even in casual wear. But I wonder sometimes if buying a full girdle, in an attempt to look thinner and more shapely, is defeating the purpose. Is there an issue where the girdle take the place of a healthy and balanced lifestyle? I mean obviously, it’s easy to just slip on a girdle and look a few pounds lighter. But at some point, does it become a crutch?
Full girdle:

Full girdle pictured: Faja Shapewear Full Body Girdle Cincher, Adjustable Straps

Girdle for women

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Some days it feels like you just can’t get any clothes to fit. And it’s usually on those days when you have an important date or meeting to attend. In such a situation you may feel the need to wear a girdle to help out with that little extra padding. Of course, we would all like to fit into our clothes naturally, but when we can’t, a little help from a form fitting girdle can really do the trick.
Girdle for women:

Girdle for women pictured: Body Naturals Plus Size Torso slimming girdle. Color: black