Vintage style girdles

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While we would all like to have a body shape we are comfortable with, we sometimes may need extra help in achieving a look that we are happy with. If you’re looking for something that works to your advantage in this regard, a vintage style girdle may be what you need. This is a retro style girdle that is not only comfortable where it matters most, it also offers hours of support and can be worn for both work and play.
Vintage style girdles:
Vintage style girdles
Vintage style girdles pictured:
Left: What Katie Did Cabaret Vintage Peach Girdle
Middle: What Katie Did Glamour Shape Wear Vintage Peach Girdle
Right: Nancies Womens 10 Garter Vintage Style Girdle

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Plus-size girdles for women

As a plus size gal, you most likely have a wardrobe that fits your body type nicely. But sometimes there’s that dress, sweater or pant suit that could use a little help looking its best on you. Plus-size girdles for women cinch your waist while smoothing out muffin tops and back rolls, helping to provide the classic hour-glass figure. As an added bonus, some girdles even work to help lift and enhance cleavage.
Plus size girdles for women:

Plus size girdles for women pictured:
Left: Dr. Rey Shapewear Womens All In One Step In Body Briefer, nude
Middle: Dr. Rey Shapewear Womens Shaping Vest
Right: Dr. Rey Shapewear Womens Fused Edge Shaping Bodysuit

Of course, girdles are meant to give you a little help with what mother nature gave you.

Girdles for women

My wife and I were invited to an old friend’s wedding recently and given that we’re over fifty we each have a few extra pounds going on, my wife, in an uncharacteristic display of vanity, asked me to go online and search for girdles for women. I was surprised at how many varieties there were and decided to check to see if there was a girdle for men. Sure enough, I came across a bunch on Amazon and found it rather odd at first, but now I’m accuatually starting to consider getting one.
Girdles for women:
Girdles-for-women b
Girdles for women example. Pictured: Ardyss Girdle – High Waist Long Style 36. Color: beige


Somen people wear girdles only on special occasions or at any time that they feel they absolutely look their best. For this type of occasional use, the wearer may be willing to suffer the discomfort associated with tyhe wearing of an ill-fitting girdle. However, if one purchases a girdle intended for daily use, one should make apsolutely sure that the girdle fits well, and feels comfortable. In the same way that a tight pair of shoes can make you tired and cranky, a girdle that doesn’t fit right may end up not being worth the trouble. Shop carefully when buying a girdle, and make sure it fits right. Then you won’t just look good, you’ll feel good too.

Girdles example. Pictured: Rago Hi Waisted Long Leg Shaper Shapewear, by Rago of New York. Color: white.

Also of interest: Fancee Free Long Leg Firm Control Girdle (86501) M/White / Greatlookz Abdominal Low Waist Girdle Above the Knee Length – Stage 1 / Custom Maid Summer-Weight Zipper Panty Girdle

Full figure girdles

It seems American women are under a lot of pressure to be thin, but many may be surprised to find out that a lot of men prefer full figured women. What makes this body shape attractive are the curves, especially when they are in hourglass proportions. Some women like to use a girdle in order to achieve this look.
Full figure girdles:
Full figure girdles
Full figure girdles example. Pictured:
Glamorise Magic Lift All-Over Full-Figure Support G-6201.

Most girdles are designed to accentuate the bust and derriere, while tightening the waist area.