Computer screen anti glare film

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One of the great benefits of owning a laptop is that it is extremely portable and mobile. How wonderful is it to take it to a park and be able to have access to all your files, documents and work. The only problem is that some screens are not that great when it comes to the glare from lights or the sun. A work around to this problem would be to buy computer screen anti glare film and attach it over your laptop’s screen. This significantly cuts down on glare and you can work or surf the web to your heart’s content outside or at your favorite cafe.
Computer screen anti glare film:

Computer screen anti glare film pictured: 14″ Anti-glare Screen Protector Guard Film Cover Skin for Apple Lenovo Dell Samsung Toshiba Acer Asus Hp IBM Laptop Pc Notebook by Ginovo

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24 inch anti glare screen

If you have ever experienced eye strain and headaches after prolonged periods of time in front of a computer monitor, you may not know that you can easily correct these issues by placing an anti-glare screen in front of your computer’s monitor. There are some great reviews on Amazon concerning the 3M Anti-Glare Filter and those who had problems with eye strain and headaches clearly state that these issues have disappeared with the addition of the anti-glare screen.
24 inch anti glare screen:

24 inch anti glare screen pictured: atFoliX FX-Antireflex Antireflective screen protector for Standard-screen-size 24,0 inch wide (519 x 325mm) / 24.0 inch widescreen – Anti-glare screen protection! Highest Quality – Made in Germany!

anti glare screen protector for computers

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This is one of those items that people either hate or love. Make sure you read reviews before buying a screen protector, since some users say that they actually increase glare, some say the protectors don’t fit properly, and some say they are hard to remove once they are put on. Yet, some people love them.
Anti glare screen protector for computers:

Anti glare screen protector for computers pictured: 3M Anti-Glare Filter for 16″ to 19″ Monitors