Decorative glass jars with lids

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Great for storing dried herbs, spices or tea bags, decorative glass jars not only look pretty sitting on the kitchen counter or window sill, they are functional too. If you plan on using jars like this mostly for decorative purposes, then you can just opt for pretty jars. If, however, you plan on storing food in them, look for jars with air-tight seals that will preserve the aroma and taste of the stored food.
Decorative glass jars with lids:
Decorative glass jars with lids
Decorative glass jars with lids pictured: 4-Color Glass Jar Set – 200ml – Spices, Jam, Jelly by Spice Jars

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Colored glass spice jars with lids

Whether you are using colored glass jars to keep your bulk spices organized, or you are giving away home-made food items like jams, jellies or pickles, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. One is that the jars need to feature an air tight seal-able lid to keep the freshness and quality up to par. And two, when buying colored glass jars, make sure that they are not just clear jars with tinted film wrap. If this is the case, the film may peel off and that may be something you don’t want happening.
Colored glass spice jars with lids:
Colored glass jars with lids
Colored glass jars with lids pictured: Glass Spice Jars by RSVP, Available in 3 vivid colors — green, red, or blue

Faux stained glass film

You don’t need to live in a church to have beautiful windows. Whether for your home, cottage, or both, faux stained glass film can instantly transform a boring window or not-so-great view into a beautiful, decorative and elegant art-like piece that will be the focal point of the room. Easy to apply and reshape if neccesary, a faux stained glass treatment will fit nicely in practically any room with no muss or fuss.
Faux stained glass film:

Faux stained glass film pictured: Sparkling Milano Stained Glass – Static Cling Decorative Window Film – 35 in By 1 Foot : Sold in One Continuous Roll By the Foot by Azalea

Large glass jars with lids

If you like to make and preserve your own jams, jellies, pickles, chutney and whatever else you can think of, you most likely have your own set of glass jars that can accommodate the proper way of sealing such foods for long term storage. However, if you’re just looking to keep soaps, sugar, flour, cotton balls and even office supplies, any large and decorative glass jars should do the trick nicely.
Large glass jars with lids:

Large glass jars with lids pictured: Left: Anchor Hocking 85679 2-1/2-Gallon Glass Barrel Jar with Brushed-Aluminum Lid / Right: Tag Vintage Glass Jar with Metal Lid, Clear, Small, 3.5-Cup Capacity

Some are purely functional, while others are also decorative.

Square glass jars with lids

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen making home made breads, cookies and whatever else for your family, you know the value of having a quality set of glass jars where you can instantly see the contents and how much you have or need. And whether they are round jars or square jars, make sure you buy ones that have an air tight lid so that your food stuff stays fresh and there’s no chance of humidity setting in.
Square glass jars with lids:

Square glass jars with lids pictured: Grant Howard 50400 Clear Glass Canisters with Brushed Stainless Lid, Square, Set of 4