Long gothic leather coat

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Looking for attention? Wearing a black, long Gothic leather floor length coat can instantly add a sharp and stylized contrast to what everyone else is wearing. This type of coat however, whether you are a man or a woman, is not for the shy or faint of heart individual as all eyes will be on you as you walk into a room or down a busy city street.
Long gothic leather coat:

Long gothic leather coats pictured: Left: Shaper Corset Gothic Wild Long Ankle Length Flowing Genuine Leather Fashion Coat Corset Dress SC80064 / Right: Soul Revolver The Butcher Gothic Leather Coat – Black

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Gothic trench coats for men

The traditional Gothic trench coat look is long and black. In fact, for the true Goth fashion wearer, the longer the a coat is, the better. Some coat lengths can go beyond the knee and even almost to the floor. Add to that an at attached high collar or hoodie and you’ll not only look good, but you’ll be warm as well on those bitter nights. Since these coats are so long, the style of pants you wear underneath is not that much of a concern. The color of those pants does matter, and they should of course be black.
Gothic trench coats for men:

Gothic trench coats for men pictured: Left: Necessary Evil Mens Loki Full Length Coat / Right: Necessary Evil Marduk Mens Hooded Trenchcoat