Zero-gravity chair with cup holder

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If you’ve ever sat on a “zero-gravity” chair, you know how comfortable they are. I don’t know that I would describe the feeling as a floating sensation, but sitting in one of these is definitely more comfy then sitting in a regular lounge chair. To me, the effect is most pronounced when sitting rather than fully reclined – it feels like you are lighter, somehow. Combine this feeling with easy access to refreshments thanks to a cup holder, and you’ve got the ideal summer experience.
Zero-gravity chair with cup holder:
zero gravity chair with cup holder
Zero-gravity chair with cup holder pictured: DuraGood Zero G Anti Gravity Extra-Wide Folding Recliner Chair w Canopy and Cup Holder

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Anti gravity recliner chair

Who would have thought that sitting down might be beneficial to your overall health and well-being! Well, thanks to an anti gravity recliner chair that offers personalized comfort and ergonomic support, that’s exactly what happens. An anti gravity recliner chair helps to relieve muscle tension, increase circulation and reduces spinal pressure, providing you with an overall benefit of health and comfort.
Anti gravity recliner chair:

Anti gravity recliner chair pictured: Zero Gravity Chair Inner Balance Recliner with Vibration Massage – Electric Power Recline ZG551 with Steel and Wood Base – The Zero Anti Gravity Chair ZG 551 by Inner Balance.