Small guinea pig cages

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Not all guinea pigs are created equal and some are smaller than others. If you find that your pet guinea pig is smaller, you may need to buy a guinea pig cage that is designed for the smaller guinea pig. Consideration of the wire mesh floor and surrounding enclosure is important because you don’t your guinea pig to fall through the wire mesh, or have trouble walking around the cage. Also, you don’t want your pet guinea pig to try and squeeze their way out of the cage, which can happen if placed in a cage for larger guinea pigs. Talk to the pet store clerk about getting the right size cage for your pet to live safely and comfortably.
Small guinea pig cages:

Small guinea pig cages example. Pictured: Super Pet My First Home Complete Starter Kit / Guinea Pig Kit

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Guinea Pig Travel Cage

If you have ever traveled with a pet, you know how difficult it can be to keep them caged up but comfortable. Guinea pigs are no exception and they too need a comfortable traveling case to go long distances or around the corner. So what makes a comfortable guinea pig travel cage? Well, a large door for your guinea pig to get through, a washable and stain resistant case, and a firm surrounding steel cage that won’t fall apart from normal usage. When buying such a traveling cage, make sure to tell the store clerk how big and heavy your pet Guinea pig is so that they can give you the best case for your pet. After all, the less you have to worry about when traveling, the better.
Guinea Pig Travel Cage:

Guinea Pig Travel Cage pictured: Super Pet Guinea Pig Take Me Home Medium Travel Carrier, Colors Vary

Guinea Pig Cage Stands

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Guinea pig cage stands let you keep the cage off the floor, and since they usually feature wheels, they let you move the cage easily. However, they are somewhat hard to find, they have to fit the size of your cage perfectly, and they are expensive. In fact they are often as expensive as cages that already have a stand built in. So you may be better off getting a new cage rather than a stand.
Cage Stand:

Pet Cage Stand pictured: Prevue Pet Products Rolling Stand with Shelf, Black by Prevue Hendryx

2 Story Guinea Pig Cage

Guinea pigs need lots of space to run and frolic and it is better to buy a longer cage than a high one. That being said, a 2 story guinea pig cage provides your guinea pig with plenty of room to move around and if you add a quality slider for your pet to run up and down both stories, then you can be sure that you are allowing your guinea pig to make good use of its environment. You’ll definitely have a happy guinea pig running around.
2 Story Guinea Pig Cage picture-1
2 Story Guinea Pig Cage pictured: Super Pet My First Home Deluxe Multi-Level Pet Home with Casters

Multi Level Guinea Pig Cage

If you have a whole family of guinea pigs, then a multi-level cage is the route to go. They do not take up a lot of space in your home, since they are built vertically and when you have a nursing guinea pig mother, the cage is used to separate the mom and baby from daddy.
Multi Level Guinea Pig Cage:
Multi Level Guinea Pig Cage picture-1Multi Level Guinea Pig Cage picture-2
Multi Level Guinea Pig Cages pictured:
Left: Ware Indoor Hutch, 4 Level, Medium
Right: Super Pet Chew-Proof Chinchilla Cage, Dark Blue