Halloween valance

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While some families go all out when it comes to decorating the house for Halloween, all you really need is a few decorative items to set the right mood. One such item is a Halloween valance depicting creepy scenes of scary pumpkins and black cats. Actually, there are many Halloween prints that you can buy that run the range from mildly spooky to scary, but fun. If you do opt for the scarier versions, you may not want to put them in your child’s room, unless they are old enough :).
Halloween valance:

Halloween valance pictured: Heritage Lace Creepy Crawly 38-Inch Wide by 22-Inch Drop Swag, Black.

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Mardi Gras Halloween Costumes

One of the easiest costumes is to throw on a Mardi Gras mask, which can be bought at most costume shops and online, complement that with a bunch of necklace beads and you’re ready to go. You can also get a little adventurous by dressing up as a sexy Jester or Venetian Carnival Princess or Signor. Like Mardis Gras itself, you are only limited by your imagination.
Mardi Gras Halloween Costume:

Mardi Gras Halloween Costume pictured: Forum Mardi Gras Vest

Irish Halloween Costumes

Celebrate a love for the Irish culture on Halloween with a costume that depicts the more popular notions of Ireland. One of the first things that pops in my mind is of course the color green and the fun leprechaun character. This is a costume that looks great on children or adults alike. If you are looking for more of a grown up theme, there is a lucky charm costume, as well as a sexy Luck of the Irish costume and Lucky Four Leaf Clover costume. Whatever you decide, you’re sure to bring a grin to more than a few faces.
Irish Halloween Costumes picture-3
Irish Halloween Costume pictured: Zoogster Costumes Plus Size Sexy Irish Girl Costume – 3X/4X

Fruit Halloween Costumes

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend an evening among friends as a banana? How about a watermelon? Well, with the many varieties of fruit Halloween costumes, you can do just that. A great way to put fruit costumes to good use, is to get a good group of friends together to go as different fruit, thus creating a kind of human fruit salad. Or, if you are more the loner type, you could always dress up as Youtube sensation, the Annoying Orange. But keep the annoying part to a minimum, if you want to enjoy yourself without getting kicked out.
Fruit Halloween Costumes picture-1Fruit Halloween Costumes picture-3
Fruit Halloween Costumes pictured:
Left: California Costumes Strawberry Girl Infant Romper
Right: Peter Alan Inc Lemon Adult Costume

Supergirl Halloween Costume

If you think that superheroes are primarily a male dominated arena, then think again. For the most part, each male superhero has a female counterpart who is just as strong, just as fast, just as smart and just as green (in the case of She-Hulk). A great female superhero costume to don at Halloween is a Supergirl costume.
Supergirl Halloween Costume:

Supergirl Halloween Costume pictured: DC Comics Tank Dress with Detachable Cape