Laundry hamper furniture

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In households, we usually have our laundry hamper hidden because it doesn’t look so nice when out in the open: who wants to see a laundry hamper, it’s an eyesore. There are many styles of laundry hampers: padded fabric ones which my mum had back in the 1970’s, and plastic hampers that college students usually have, but there are also some made of wood. They are cabinets, really, with the laundry bag inside, hidden from view. These can look quite nice, as they are more like a piece of attractive furniture that can fit into your decor.
Laundry hamper furniture:
Laundry hamper furniture
Laundry hamper furniture pictured: Elegant Home Fashions Laundry Hamper with Tilting Cane-Paneled Door, Espresso.

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Black and white hamper

Whether for your laundry room or any other room in your home, a laundry hamper is a functional item that serves an important purpose. However, some hampers may be a tad unsightly or industrial looking. If you’re the type of home owner who cares for such things, you might want to consider buying a more decorative laundry hamper in a style and color that will fit in with most decors. This could from a simply designed black and white print, to a more colorful and exotic animal print design.
Black and white hamper:
black and white hamper
Black and white hampers pictured: left: Baby and Kids Clothes Black and White Isabella Laundry Hamper by Sweet Jojo Designs / right: Two Lumps of Sugar Demask Black/White Lumper

Pink laundry hamper

If you tend to spend a lot of time camping or hanging out at your own summer cottage, for days or weeks on end, you know that laundry can quickly pile up. A fold-able and pop-up laundry hamper can easily accommodate two loads of dirty clothes, making it easier when traveling back and forth from the house to the cottage. Simply fold it up and store it in the trunk until needed.
Pink laundry hamper:

Pink laundry hampers pictured:
left: Badger Basket Folding Hamper and Storage Bin
right: DAZZ Deluxe Pop-Up Hamper

Dual hamper

When it comes time to do laundry, it doesn’t matter if you live alone or with a large family, having your dirty clothes organized into colors and whites can really make a difference in the amount of time it takes you to get it all done. In this regard, a dual hamper can help keep your whites and colors separate so you don’t have to spend time sorting through the dirty clothes.
Dual hamper:

Dual hamper pictured: Hampton Bay Tilt out Hamper by Home Decorators Collection, Size: DOUBLE 26″W, white.

Kids clothes hamper

If you have spent a lot of energy and time decorating your little one’s bedroom in a particular theme like sports or popular cartoon characters, why not add a clothes hamper that reflects that theme to complete the look. There are a great many kids clothes hampers that feature fun images like baseball and car racing, as well as Disney princess characters or Toy Story characters. Not only will your children get used to throwing their dirty clothes in the hamper, they’ll love how it looks in their room.
Kids clothes hamper:

Kids clothes hampers pictured: Left: Whitmor 6256-3902 Sport-Kid’s Collapsible Laundry Hamper / Right: Disney Princess Square Pop-Up Hamper