Corner hampers

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If you’re looking for a practical alternative to bulky square or round laundry hampers, consider saving some much needed floor space by simply using corner hampers to keep your dirty clothes, or your kids’ dirty clothes in one spot and off the floor. Corner hampers don’t take up much space and while they are great for laundry purposes, they can also be used to store toys, stuffed animals and other cluttering items.
Corner hampers:

Corner hampers pictured:
left: One Step Ahead 2-in-1 Toy Storage Bin Natural with Green Trim
right: Collapsible Bamboo Laundry Hamper W/cotton Liner. Triangle Shape by Ginson

A square hamper will also fit neatly into a corner.

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Small clothes hampers

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Getting your children to pick up their dirty clothes off the floor can be a little frustrating when it comes time to do the laundry. A small clothes hamper with a lid can help alleviate some of that frustration as you can place the hamper in a corner, behind a door or in their closet. Then all they would have to do is to toss their dirty clothes in the hamper and you’re good to go.
Small clothes hampers:

Small clothes hampers pictured:
Left: ClosetMaid Fabric Drawer / Right: United Solutions Rectangular Plastic Laundry Hamper with Lid, 1-1/2 Bushel Capacity, White

Decorative hampers

If you live in a decent size house, you probably have a separate laundry room where you can keep all your dirty laundry pretty much sight unseen from those who visit or drop in unannounced. However, if you live in a smaller space like an apartment or dorm room, you might want to consider keeping your dirty clothes in a stylish decorative hamper that will look good in any room.
Decorative hampers:

Decorative hampers pictured: Left: Round Open Bamboo Hamper with Liner, Brown Stain by Kouboo / Right: Rectangular Box Bamboo Hamper with Liner, Black Stain by Kouboo

Cool laundry hampers

There’s no denying that picking up dirty clothes and doing the laundry is pretty much a chore that is probably not on everyone’s favorite things to do list. However, it needs to be done and there’s no getting around it. A laundry hamper helps out a bit barbecue you can toss all the dirty clothes in it and carry it or wheel it to the laundry room which helps to make things a little easier. And whether you have a really cool laundry hamper, or a “boring” old one, as long as the hamper is not broken or falling apart, then one is probably just as good as another.
Cool laundry hampers:

Cool laundry hampers pictured: Left: CreativeWare Fold N Store Hamper, red / Right: Lamont Home Brights Apartment Hamper, Grape

Extra Large Laundry Hampers

Have a large family and hate to have a messy house where teens throw clothes on the floors? Then an extra large hamper may be a good idea. They are made of plastic and/or wicker, closed or exposed. Now if only the kids would help put their dirty clothes in the hamper… or maybe even help with doing the laundry… One can dream…
Extra Large Laundry Hampers:

Extra Large Laundry Hampers example. Pictured: HMS 2146-0 2.2 Bushel Extra Large Capacity Hamper – White (Pack of 6) by HMS MFG, sold by toolboxsupply.