Handheld shower heads for bathtubs

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One of the main issues with buying an old fixer-upper home is that the bathroom may not have a built in shower. In a case such as this, you can install your own handheld shower head with the help of someone who knows there way around a bathtub faucet. Or you can go online and check out youtube or yahoo answers to see if anyone else has had success in installing a handheld shower head. Chances are, someone has and you can definitely benefit from their experience. Although you may want to have the number of a local plumber on hand just in case.
Handheld shower heads for bathtubs:

Handheld shower heads for bathtubs example. Pictured: Waterpik TRS-559 Elements 5-Mode Handheld Shower, Brushed Nickel

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Gold handheld shower head

Many older homes have those great big and deep bathtubs in which you can soak away your problems with little regard for what’s going on beyond the bathroom door. Yet, this comfort has a trade-off, which usually means that there is no fixed shower installment and that you most likely have a handheld shower head to take quick showers. If so, and you are looking to create an elegant bathing space, check out a 3, 4 or 5 position gold handheld shower head with adjustable water spray. The color may not be a factor in the overall function of the shower head, but it will sure look nice.
Gold handheld shower head:

Gold handheld shower head pictured: Kohler K-8501-BV MasterShower 3-Way Invigorating Handshower. Color: Vibrant French Gold

Handheld Shower with Slide Bar

No matter if you have a fixed shower installation, or a handheld shower device attached to your bathtub faucet, a handheld shower is a great way to enjoy a shower experience while having greater flexibility. An added benefit is to have a handheld shower with a slide bar so that the shower head can be moved up or down depending on one’s specific needs, allowing both adults and children to benefit from the added motion of a sliding handheld shower.
Handheld Shower with Slide Bar:

Handheld Shower with Slide Bar pictured: Ana Bath LSB2425430CP DRILL-FREE Slide Bar with LED Handheld Shower and LED Showerhead Combo Kit, Chrome Plated Finish

Of course, these will be more expensive than the simple plastic models.

Handheld Shower Massage

After a hard day at work it’s great to relax in the bath with a handheld shower massage. They help massage away all your daily tensions. It’s one of those simple and inexpensive items that can make a big difference in the way you feel. Pick the style according to your bathroom decor and your budget.
Handheld Shower Massage:

Handheld Shower Massage pictured: Waterpik TRS-553 Elements 5-Mode Handheld Shower, Chrome

Bathtub Handheld Shower

If you are like me, you live in an older house with no shower, just a big old bathtub that is oh so comfortable, but not too convenient for quick bathing. For this reason I purchased a bathtub handheld shower extension hose that fits onto the spout of the bathtub with ease. This way I can use the handheld shower when I am in a hurry, like in the mornings before work, and when I want a more leisurely bath, I can easily remove the extension. A win-win all around at a fraction of the cost I would have to pay to install a shower.
Bathtub Handheld Shower:

Bathtub Handheld Shower pictured: Danco 10086 VersaSpray Handheld Shower, White