Hanging plate holder

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A tasteful hanging plate holder is a nice touch for any bare wall or “white space” that could use a bit of decoration. One of the most important things though when purchasing a plate holder, and this is especially important if you are buying online, is to make sure you know what size your plates are and what sizes the plate holder can accommodate. You don’t want to have one delivered, only to find that you need to bend some of the holding “arms” to fit in your plate.
Hanging plate holder:

Hanging plate holder pictured: Spectrum 3 Tier Ionic Plate Rack

Of course, the plate holder should ideally match the style of the plates you will be displaying.

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Plastic Hanging Shower Caddy

One of the most important aspects of a shower caddy is that it should not rust. This is why plastic is a great choice for a hanging caddy. Depending on its design, you may have to clean it more often than a stainless caddy however.
Plastic Hanging Shower Caddy:

Plastic Hanging Shower Caddy pictured: InterDesign Grand Arc Shower Caddy, Clear.

Zenith Shower Head Cady, White.

Hanging Shower Caddy – Stainless Steel

A hanging shower caddy has an obvious advantage: no permanent mounting is necessary. You just hang it over the shower head, and you’re done and ready to use it. Stainless steel has a nice, shiny look to it while still being rust resistant. They come in different sizes and shapes, so one is sure to suit you.
Hanging Shower Caddy – Stainless Steel:

Stainless Steel Hanging Shower Caddy pictured: Zenith Products Over the Large Shower Caddy.

Wall Hanging Mounted Plate Holders

I received a comment asking about wall hanging plate holders, but I found myself a bit confused as to what this refers to. There are holders made to display decorative plates, but there are also plate holders that are more like racks for the kitchen. Like dish racks, but mounted on the wall. In any case, either one can be purchased at Amazon and other online stores. Just use the appropriate terms when searching.
Wall Mounted Plate Holders:
Wall Mounted Plate Holders picture
Wall Mounted Plate Holder pictured: Plate Rack with Shelf by Woodform