Wrought iron headboards – Twin

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When looking to change up your bedroom decor, sometimes all it takes is one dramatic change that becomes the focal point of the entire room. For example, let’s say you have a wrought iron headboard. Simply paint the headboard in an eye popping color that either matches your color scheme, or go against the grain and paint it a bright contrasting color. Either way, that one small change can make a huge difference.
Wrought iron headboards twin:
Wrought iron headboards Twin
Wrought iron headboards – Twin. Pictured: Coronet Wrought Iron Headboard Size: Twin by Grace Collection

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Upholstered kids headboards

Looking to add a bit of fun to your child’s bedroom? An upholstered headboard can help set the tone nicely. From purple crowns to red hearts to dinosaur shapes to traditional looking headboards in all kinds of crazy colors, a fun looking headboard can change the look of a room instantly. Such headboards fit a twin size bed nicely so there’s no need to worry about the right fit.
Upholstered kids headboards:

Upholstered kids headboards pictured: Kid Shapes Twin Size Headboard by Powell, dinosaur and princess crown.

There is an added bonus to these kinds of headboards: they protect your child’s head somewhat. If your child tends to move around a lot while sleeping, they might occasionally hit their head on the bed’s headboard.