Heavy duty locking casters

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If you need heavy duty casters, you are probably going to stay away from plastic. It just isn’t as solid as metal is. On many casters, the wheels themselves might be plastic, or the brake mechanism, or both. When all parts are made of metal, except for the rubber wheels, of course, you are more likely to have a caster that will support bigger loads and last a long time.
Heavy duty locking casters:
heavy duty locking casters
Heavy duty locking casters pictured: 4″ Heavy Duty Toolbox Caster Set with Polyolefin Wheels – 500 Lbs Capacity per Caster by Service Caster

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Heavy duty commercial garment racks

If you live in a space that has very little or no closet space, instead of cramming all your clothes in drawers, a heavy duty commercial garment rack can be quite functional as a way to keep your clothes from getting crumpled all the time. It also looks funky and is perfect for lofts, studio apartments and even as a clothes hanger for your laundry room. And if you like having yard sales, it’s a great way to display clothes rather than having them in piles.
Heavy duty commercial garment racks:
Heavy duty commercial garment racks
Heavy duty commercial garment racks pictured: Heavy Duty Steel 500 lb. Capacity Z Rolling Rack with 2 Hangrails by Quality Fabricators

Heavy-duty suspenders for men

In case you were wondering, suspenders aren’t just for business folk and professor types who like to accessorize their clothing style. They can also be worn by construction workers, mechanics, farmers, conductors, bus drivers and anyone else who needs to keep their pants up while working. But rather than buying silk suspenders in various colors, blue collar workers would presumably buy leather suspenders in dark colors to keep the comments by co-workers to a minimum.
Heavy duty suspenders for men:

Heavy duty suspenders for men pictured: Custom Leather Craft 110BLK Black Heavy Duty Work Suspenders by Custom Leathercraft.

Heavy throw blanket

Why would anyone seek out a blanket that is particularly heavy? Perhaps it is because there is a certain comfort that comes from a heavier blanket. A sort of feeling of security. It’s something you just can’t experience with a light weight blanket, no matter how warm it may be.
Heavy throw blanket:
Heavy throw blanket
Heavy throw blanket pictured: Black Queen Size ~ Soft Borrego Sherpa Blanket – Heavy Microfiber Throw – Almost 6 LBS, by Classy Joint, sold by Home & Apparel.

Heavy duty portable chairs

If you attend a lot of outdoor events where you find yourself needing to sit for hours on a portable chair, you may soon come to realize that all chairs are not created equal. It is that realization that leads one to purchase a heavy duty portable chair that will be able to handle one’s weight, up to 400 pounds, with all the comforts one would expect from their favorite chair at home. Some even have attached drink coolers and side tables to place your food on. Talk about having all the comforts of home!
Heavy duty portable chairs:

Heavy duty portable chairs example. Pictured: Earth “Extra Heavy Duty” Folding Director’s Chair w/ Side Table: Steel Reinforced Frame