Hidden Laundry Hamper

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Unless you go for a high-end wooden model, laundry hampers are not things we necessarily want to display. There are ways to keep them out of sight, such as incorporating them inside a cabinet. There are mechanisms that can be installed in existing cabinetry for just that purpose. Make sure the dimensions are correct for your cabinets.

Hidden Laundry Hamper pictured: Hampton Bay Tilt out Hamper. Size: SINGLE 24″W. Color: brown. By Home Decorators Collection

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Hidden Cat Litter Boxes

As much as love our cats, we usually hate the unsightly cat litter box that we need to keep out in the open, especially if we live in a small apartment. A great way around this is to purchase hidden cat litter boxes. These litter boxes come in many shapes and sizes, from decorative clay pots to designer litter boxes that look and function like everyday furniture. The one problem is that these items are usually a tad expensive, ranging in price from $50.00 to over $300.00. However, if you are desperate for a solution to the littler box problem, then spending the extra cash may be worth the cost in the long run.
Hidden Cat Litter Boxes:

Hidden Cat Litter Boxes example. Pictured: Cat Litter Box Cabinet Mahogany by PE