Zero-gravity chair with cup holder

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If you’ve ever sat on a “zero-gravity” chair, you know how comfortable they are. I don’t know that I would describe the feeling as a floating sensation, but sitting in one of these is definitely more comfy then sitting in a regular lounge chair. To me, the effect is most pronounced when sitting rather than fully reclined – it feels like you are lighter, somehow. Combine this feeling with easy access to refreshments thanks to a cup holder, and you’ve got the ideal summer experience.
Zero-gravity chair with cup holder:
zero gravity chair with cup holder
Zero-gravity chair with cup holder pictured: DuraGood Zero G Anti Gravity Extra-Wide Folding Recliner Chair w Canopy and Cup Holder

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Broom and mop holder

The accumulation of indoor and outdoor tools in one area like a garage or tool shed can get out of hand after a while which can be a frustrating experience when searching for a particular item that you need quickly. To keep your gardening tools separate from your indoor items, install a broom and mop holder or two in the area that needs decluttering. A broom and mop holder can accommodate other items as well like gardening shears, shovels, rakes, squeeze-sponge head mops and so much more.
Broom and mop holder:

Broom and mop holder examples. Pictured: Left: Evriholder Magic Holder 5-Position Wall Organizer / Right: OXO Good Grips Heavy Duty Wall-Mounted Organizer

Hanging plate holder

A tasteful hanging plate holder is a nice touch for any bare wall or “white space” that could use a bit of decoration. One of the most important things though when purchasing a plate holder, and this is especially important if you are buying online, is to make sure you know what size your plates are and what sizes the plate holder can accommodate. You don’t want to have one delivered, only to find that you need to bend some of the holding “arms” to fit in your plate.
Hanging plate holder:

Hanging plate holder pictured: Spectrum 3 Tier Ionic Plate Rack

Of course, the plate holder should ideally match the style of the plates you will be displaying.

Wall Plate Holder

The beauty of decorative plates is wasted if they are kept in the cupboard. They should be displayed and enjoyed. A wall plate holder is ideal for this purpose. You can hang several if you have a large plate collection, or you can get just one, and rotate the plates depending on the season.
Wall Plate Holder:

Wall Plate Holder pictured: Spectrum 46510 Horizontal Plate Rack 3-Tier, Black.