Earbud holders

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The advantages of earbuds over regular sized headphones are that they are light weight, take up very little room, and they do not mess up your hair when you remove them. On the other hand, they can fall out of your ears fairly easily, especially when running or exercising. Earbud holders are meant to solve this problem by affixing the buds to your ears in a more secure way.
Earbud holders:
Earbud holders
Earbud holders pictured: Far End Gear BudLoks Earphone Sport Grips, Clear

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Decorative Wall Plate Holders

Decorative wall mount plate holders come in two basic types. The type made of wrought iron, and the type made of wood. The iron ones either go for a very minimalist look, a good choice if you want the focus to be on the plates themselves, or they are very ornate, so that they become as noticeable as the plates being displayed.
Decorative Wall Plate Holders:

Decorative Wall Plate Holders example. Pictured: Olive Leaf Motif Metal 2 Plate Decorative Plate Holder by Private Label.

Decorative Wall Plate Holders example above: 2PO Vertical Antique White Cup & Saucer Wall Rack – 35.5″

Wall Hanging Mounted Plate Holders

I received a comment asking about wall hanging plate holders, but I found myself a bit confused as to what this refers to. There are holders made to display decorative plates, but there are also plate holders that are more like racks for the kitchen. Like dish racks, but mounted on the wall. In any case, either one can be purchased at Amazon and other online stores. Just use the appropriate terms when searching.
Wall Mounted Plate Holders:
Wall Mounted Plate Holders picture
Wall Mounted Plate Holder pictured: Plate Rack with Shelf by Woodform

Wooden Plate Holders for Wall

We usually place our plate in kitchen cabinets, but when we have beautiful plates, it’s nice to display them. A plate holder that hangs on the wall is a good solution for those plates we want to keep handy, but still want to display. The holders made of wood are nice-looking and still functional.
Wooden Plate Holders for Wall:

Wooden Plate Holders for Wall example. Pictured above: Plate Rack with Shelf by Woodform.


Wooden Plate Holders for Wall above: Old Yankee Workshop Wood Plate Rack Dish Organzier

Duvet Cover Holders

If the bunching up and slipping of your duvet to a comforter is a constant frustration, then it’s time to buy some duvet cover holders. Also called Duvet Donuts or Comforter Clips, these one-size-fits-all duvet cover holders are easily attached to any comforter without causing any damage to either the duvet or comforter fabric. Once attached, you simply make your bed as usual and both the duvet and comforter keep their form nicely.
Duvet Cover Holders:
Duvet Cover Holders picture
Duvet covers pictured: Set of 4 Comforter Duvet Donuts. Prevent Bunching & Shifting of Comforters and Duvets, Keep Comforter Corners in Place. Fits All Sizes/types of Duvets and Comforters Without Harming Fabric by Duvet Donuts