Integrated TV stands

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Whether LCD, LED or plasma, all flat screen televisions are much lighter than old cathode ray tube TVs. One of the many advantages of this is that it is now possible to mount TV’s easily on the wall, or, even simpler, on a stand that has an integrated mount for that purpose.
Integrated TV stands:

Integrated TV stand example. Pictured: BDI Odeon 9940, Triple Wide Cabinet with Mount ( Espresso Stained Oak) by Becker Designed, Inc.

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Integrated Mount TV Stands

Wall mounting a TV can be a difficult job, especially if you are not handy with tools (like me). A good alternative is a TV stand with an integrated mount. This allows you to have the TV closer to the wall than what is usually possible with regular stands, while still keeping the sleek look of a wall-mounted TV. Also, it provides you with extra shelf space.
Integrated Mount TV Stands:

Integrated Mount TV Stands example. Pictured: Bell’O TPC361 AV System Up To 55-Inch or 125 lbs (Dark Cherry)