Goat suede jacket

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Buying a goat suede jacket might set you apart from the more traditional cow leather type, but so may the smell if the jacket has been cured naturally without the use of artificial chemicals. If this is the case, let the jacket air out for a good month or so before taking any further action. The “goaty odor” should dissipate by then. If the aroma lingers after that, a simple and gentle scrub down of Saddle Soap should help get rid of the remaining smell.
Goat suede jacket:

Goat suede jacket pictured: German Wear Trachten Bavarian Jacket Goat Suede Leather Dark Brown

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Mens brown leather bomber jacket

A brown leather bomber jacket is one of those fashion items that never seems to go out of style. In fact, as the leather ages, it becomes softer, adding a certain character to the over all look and feel that fits nicely in a casual or formal setting. Preppy Oxford shirts, ties, knitted sweaters, turtle-necks and t-shirts, all look sharp and on-trend when layered with a leather bomber jacket.
Mens brown leather bomber jacket:

Mens brown leather bomber jacket pictured: Alpha Industries A-2 Leather Jacket, brown.

Mens real leather jacket

A real leather jacket is a major investment in a man’s wardrobe, and as such, you want to keep your leather jacket in great looking condition. This means taking your jacket to a professional leather cleaner at least once a year. They will be able to refinish the jacket if need be and keep it looking as good as new. Consider the cost of this service an investment in keeping your leather jacket around for as long as possible.
Mens real leather jacket:

Mens real leather jackets pictured: Left: Paccilo 1001 Real Fur Lined PREMIUM Grade Real Lambskin Leather Bomber Jacket / Right: Unicorn London Mens 100% Real Leather Jacket Brown Hide #M7

Battery powered heated jacket

No matter how well you bundle up, you’re bound to feel the cold if you stay outdoors for long periods of time. A battery powered heated jacket can make a difference between being cold and miserable or warm and comfortable. Of course, the heat generated is from a battery pack so you might want to time your outdoor activities to only a few hours to take full advantage of your heated jacket.
Battery powered heated jacket:

Battery powered heated jacket pictured: Brookstone Mens Fleece Heated Jackets

White leather motorcycle jacket

If you’re a serious biker who logs a lot of hours on the open road, a white leather motorcycle jacket might not be the best color choice to wear unless you’re Evil Knievel. The reason being is that once you hit the road, you’re bound to get sprayed by bugs, exhaust, road dirt and whatever else happens to fly by you as you ride down the road, which can no doubt leave your jacket stained and dirty on the first trip. Better to stick with the traditional black leather.
White leather motorcycle jacket:

White leather motorcycle jackets pictured: Left: Dainese Racing Leather Jacket (WHITE) / Right: Speed & Strength Womens To The Nines Textile Motorcycle Jacket Silver Medium