Goatskin jackets

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Goatskin is often used as a material for making gloves, because it is a very pliable and soft leather. If you like the same kind of softness when it comes to other garments such as leather jackets, then goatskin may be the way to go. Like other leathers, it can be made to have a suede texture, or a somewhat polished one. If you want your jacket to last for a long time, make sure you read and follow the care instruction that come with it.
Goatskin jackets:
goat skin jackets
Goatskin jackets pictured:
Left: Landing Leathers Navy Men’s G-1 Goatskin Leather Flight Bomber Jacket, dark brown
Right: Dolce & Gabbana D&G Women’s Goatskin Black Jacket & Rabbit Fur (US 2 – EU 38)

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Long leather jackets for men

When trying to upgrade your look, there’s nothing like a long leather jacket to shake things up in the wardrobe department. Typically, such a jacket, also called a duster, will give you a look between Goth eccentric and wild, wild west chic. And if you are not partial to leather, there are also long jackets for men similar in look but made from PVC or wool material. Whatever fabric you choose, you’re sure to be uber cool.
Long leather jackets for men:

Long leather jackets for men pictured: Left: Goatskin Leather Coat Duster with Zip-out liner, Leg-straps, and Removable Cape by Allstate Leather / Middle: MA556 Mens Leather Duster Coat – Leatherbull / Right: Leather Duster Coat with Zip-out liner, Leg-straps, and Removable Cape by Allstate Leather

When it comes to practicality, long coats are great because they protect you almost completely from the elements.

Mens brown leather motorcycle jackets

When looking to purchase a leather motorcycle jacket, you should consider what kind of rider you are. Basically, there are four types of bike-riders, the sports-driven racer, the everyday cruiser who uses the bike as an alternative to a car, the touring biker who travels the open road and the weekend warrior, who uses a motorcycle as a weekend escape from the more mundane aspects of their everyday lives. Figure out which biker you are then buy your jacket accordingly.
Mens brown leather motorcycle jackets:

Mens brown leather motorcycle jacket pictured: Xelement Mens Armored Dark Brown Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Beige Stripes

Whenever you buy anything made of leather, you should make sure you are getting the real thing. Manufacturers use all sorts of deceptive names to try and trick customers into thinking they are getting real leather.

Designer winter jackets for men

When it comes to winter jackets for men, there are a huge variety of fabrics, styles, colors and lengths to choose from. You may have the money to spend on a designer winter jacket from the likes of Hugo Boss, Armani or Lyle and Scott, or you may need to be a tad more budget conscious. The question is: will whatever jacket you buy keep you warm, comfortable and dry? If you’re miserable, cold and damp in your winter jacket, it won’t matter how much it cost or who designed it, you’ll regret owning it.
Designer winter jackets for men:

Designer winter jackets for men pictured: Left: Polo Ralph Lauren Mens Wool Jacket Green Black Plaid Coat Large / Right: Polo Ralph Lauren RLX Recco Mens White Black Ski Winter Jacket Coat Nylon Small

Ladies faux leather jackets

As a Vegan, the eating of any animal product is a non-issue, it simply is not done. This ethical and moral stance against the cruel treatment of animals for commercial gain is often extended to the clothes one would wear as well. As an example, something like a leather jacket would be replaced with a faux leather jacket that is made up of various materials treated to look like leather.
Ladies faux leather jackets:

Ladies faux leather jackets pictured: Hailey Jeans Co Juniors Faux Leather Hooded Jacket, black, light brown, coral and navy