Round Japanese deep soaking tub

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If you’re looking for a very different bathing experience, consider replacing your current bathtub design with a Japanese Ofuro, which is a round Japanese deep soaking tub, somewhat similar to a hot tub, where you are vertical rather than horizontal. However, before you spend a lot of money on such a luxury, try one out first if you can, as many find sitting in the tub to be somewhat uncomfortable, especially when wanting to relax for a longer period of time.
Round Japanese deep soaking tub:
Round Japanese deep soaking tub
Round Japanese deep soaking tub pictured: Premier Copper Products BTR45DB Japanese Style Soaking Hand Hammered Copper Bath Tub, Oil Rubbed Bronze

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Japanese style room divider privacy screen

These privacy dividers add an oriental flair to any bedroom or home office area. Their main function is to separate a room in two areas, or to hide an eyesore. They can also be used as a window shade for extra privacy or to temporarily block some of the sun rays that may be too intense at certain times of the day. An elegant, practical and multifunction addition to any room.
Japanese style room divider privacy screen:
Japanese style room divider privacy screen
Japanese style room divider privacy screen pictured: 48″ Low Double Cross Bamboo Tree Shoji Room Divider by ORIENTAL FURNITURE. 4 panel. Color: Honey. Also available in 5 and 6 panel models.

Japanese room divider

A Japanese room divider can add a touch of Asian elegance to practically any room offering both decorative appeal and functionality. Japanese room dividers come in many styles and sizes and you can choose from rice paper, woven plant fiber, rattan, bamboo, cotton, polyester fabric, or solid wood room dividers in a color or design print that will surely complement any space. Great for creating smaller sections of a large room or to hide unsightly areas that you might not want guests to see.
Japanese room divider:

Japanese room divider pictured: 84″ Jute Shoji Room Divider by ORIENTAL FURNITURE. Color: rosewood. Size: 5 panel.

Japanese bidet toilet seat

You may think that something as simple and efficient as a toilet seat could not possibly be improved, but in fact, it is an item that can be quite high-tech. You may have seen these on TV: toilet seats with bidets incorporated in them. Some even have temperature control. It may seem like an indulgence, but they take up less space, and may be cheaper than a separate bidet.
Japanese bidet toilet seat:

Japanese bidet toilet seat pictured: Luxe Bidet MB110 Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

Japanese style toilet seat

If you thought a toilet seat was just a toilet seat with no room for change or improvement, then think again. A Japanese style toilet seat is one that allows the user to electronically control a variety of functions and operations while sitting “on the throne”. Features include a heated seat, two bidets, water temperature control, controlled water pressure and even warm air blow dryers. Not surprisingly, these toilet seats are quite expensive, but if you like comfort and pampering yourself, then this is indeed the way to go. Pardon the pun.
Japanese style toilet seat:

Japanese style toilet seat pictured: TOTO SW524-01 Washlet C110 Elongated Front Toilet Seat, Cotton White