White ladder shelf

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If you’re looking to add extra storage options to your bathroom, a white ladder shelf is a stylish alternative that can be used in a variety of ways. The shelves can of course be used to keep your toiletries, drinking cups, perfumes and other related items at the ready, while the rungs can be used as towel bars. A Ladder shelf can also be used in the living room or bedroom for plants, nick-knacks, photo displays and much more.
White ladder shelf:

White ladder shelf pictured: RiverRidge Ladder Shelf, white.

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Ladder wall shelf

When you have a room full of CD’s, DVD’s, books, magazines, photo frames and decorative nick-knacks, it can get really cluttered, really fast. A multi-tier ladder wall shelf can help alleviate the mess by providing shelves for storage or display. Various models even have movable shelves along with a center shelf that can act as a make-shift desk for a laptop.
Ladder wall shelf:

Ladder wall shelf pictured: Cappuccino Brown 3-piece Leaning Ladder Bookshelf with Laptop Desk

Library ladder bookshelf

Chances are you have seen library ladders in your local library or bookstore, and while the majority of us may not have such a collection of books that we would need a library ladder to access them, a ladder bookshelf makes a great item to keep books on as a display unit. It will add a sense of old world charm to your living room or den and is as functional as it is attractive.
Library ladder bookshelf:

Library ladder bookshelves pictured: Left: 5-Tier Leaning Wall Shelf Ladder Shelf in Black by eWayMarket / Right: Nexxt Hadfield 5-Tier Leaning Wall Shelf, White by Nexxt by Linea.

These tend to be used for displaying small item, or a small amount of books.

Ladder hanger

If you use your garage as a utility shed and a place to park your car, you need to keep things from cluttering up the garage floor and parking area. This is where a ladder hanger comes in handy, and not just for the obvious hanging of a ladder. The hanger can also be used to keep your garden hoses, rope, strollers, or air-dry laundry stand off the ground as well.
Ladder hanger:

Ladder hanger pictured: Werner AC11 Stepladder Hanger

Ladder back dining chairs

Ladder back dining chairs are a real classic style of furniture, but they offer a couple of advantages that are not just about style. The slats offer support for your back, but the space between them lets air through, meaning your back stays cool. This also keeps the weight of the chair to a minimum.
Ladder back dining chairs:

Ladder back dining chairs example. Pictured: Carolina Classic Whitman Dining Chair, English Pine