LED emergency lantern

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Whether for camping, spending a few nights at the summer cabin, or in a power failure situation, having one, if not more LED emergency lanterns around can really make a huge difference when you need light and you need it fast. For best performance, buy LED lanterns that offer a bright 240 lumens with long battery life. Make sure you also have a supply of batteries to run your lantern on when you find yourself in the dark.
LED emergency lantern:

LED emergency lanterns pictured:
Left: Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern (SE3DLN)
Right: Life Gear LG447 3 in 1 Glow LED Lantern 8

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LED hurricane lantern

Back in the day, practically every urban or rural household had an oil based hurricane lantern that was at the ready when needed. Not surprisingly, there is still a need these days for the hurricane lantern but technological advances have since modified the lantern. No longer burning oil, there are now led hurricane lanterns that run off of two D cell batteries, providing a bright LED light along with a dimmer switch. Many manufacturers have kept the initial design combining the retro look with current technological standards.
LED hurricane lantern:

LED hurricane lantern example. Pictured: 15 LED Hurricane Lantern – Red, Black, Green or Silver by SE

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